MS Thesis Presentation by Aung Thu Htet

Monday, December 18, 2017
1:00 pm
Floor/Room #: 
AK 218
Research Advisor:
Professor Sergey Makarov
ECE Department, WPI
Thesis Committee Members:
Dr. Gregory Noetscher
ECE Department, WPI
Dr. Louis Chen
Bose Corporation
Dr. Janakinadh Yanamadala
  MathWorks, Inc.




Full-body Shell Creation for CAD Virtual Humans Including Tightly-Spaced, Enclosed Shells



Computational human models have become essential in several different biomedical and electrical engineering research areas. They enable scientists to study, model, and solve complex problems of human body responses to various external stimuli including electromagnetic and radio-frequency signals.

This study describes the algorithms and procedures of creating multi-tissue full-body Computer-Aided Design (CAD) human models. An emphasis is made on full-body shells of variable thicknesses, e.g. skin, fat, and average body container shells. Such shells, along with internal organs, are useful for multiple high- and low-frequency simulations in a variety of applications.

Along with the creation of full-body models, an automatic algorithm to selectively decimate the meshes based on average surface curvature is developed. The algorithm will significantly reduce model size while keeping the same interpolation accuracy.