MTE PhD Oral Qualifier: Yubin Zhang

Wednesday, May 02, 2018
12:00 pm
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Forkey conference room

Electrical Energy Storage and Intercalation Chemistry

Intercalation chemistry and related compounds set the foundation of lithium-ion batteries. First, the structures of these compounds remain essentially unchanged during intercalation, which proves the reversibility in future use. Second, these compounds need to have high conductivity and high capacity. Also, at ambient temperature, this intercalation reaction needs to be proceeded efficiently. Back in the year of 1976, Professor M. S. Whittingham found out TiS2 satisfied these requirements above and was suitable to be used in electrical energy storage systems. Coupled with a lithium anode, Li/TiS2 has a energy density of 480 watt-hors/kg. This literature was a beginning point for the massive research on intercalation chemistry application in electrical energy storage systems. After 40 years, lithium-ion batteries are used in every aspect of our lives, including personal electronics and automotives, and these batteries are based on the usage intercalation compounds.

Advisor Professor Yan Wang

Professor Richard D. Sisson
Professor Jianyu Liang
Professor Pratap M. Rao
Professor Yan Wang

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