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NCFDD: Week 1: Making the Case: Preparing Your Dossier for Promotion to Full Professor

Wednesday, July 27, 2022
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Facilitators:  Vicki Baker, PhD, Mangala Subramaniam, PhD, Joni Dunlap, PhD & Crystal Chambers, PhD

Week 1: Charting Your Path: Managing Mid-Career Transitions

Faculty careers are long, characterized by many transitions from achieving tenure and promotion to balancing work and family. The longest stage of the faculty career is the mid-career stage, which includes recently tenured associate professors up to faculty colleagues who are 10 years out from retirement. The purpose of this webinar is to assist mid-career faculty across the academy in navigating through various mid-career transitions and career paths successfully. Together, we will focus on three critical concepts: Your Contribution, the PSEI (Purpose, Scope, Evidence of Impact) Framework, and a Mentoring Needs Inventory. Tools, strategies, and frameworks will be offered to support your growth and career advancement.


Info on free NCFDD membership and how to create your account can be found on the MTLC website