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NCFDD: Week 2: Making the Case: Preparing Your Dossier for Promotion to Full Professor

Wednesday, August 03, 2022
2:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Facilitators:  Vicki Baker, PhD, Mangala Subramaniam, PhD, Joni Dunlap, PhD & Crystal Chambers, PhD

Week 2: Leadership & Service: What to Include and Count in Promotion Dossiers?

The dominant model of faculty-reward structure which has persisted since the 1980s has involved inconsistencies in the interests and desires of the individual versus that of the institution. Such inconsistency has been heightened in the wake of the pandemic. For instance, in ‘normal’ times, women were already more likely to perform service work for their departments. Women generally spend more time on teaching, mentoring students, and performing “invisible labor.” And, many faculty members, particularly at the rank of associate professor, take on leadership roles and contribute to university governance. Most often such work is not recognized in the typical faculty-reward structure leading to stagnation of those faculty at the lower ranks of the professoriate. These issues have implications for individual faculty aspirations and institutional goals to build leadership skills and diversify university leadership. This webinar will address the following questions: How do we incorporate contributions to service and leadership into faculty success and excellence to enable promotion? What forms of service meet individual faculty aspirations and institutional goals especially for building leadership skills? The webinar will benefit faculty, promotion committees, and other administrators.


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