NSF REU and David Le Pre Scholarship Poster Presentation 2018 - Chemistry and Biochemistry - Higgins House

Thursday, August 02, 2018
1:30 pm
Floor/Room #: 
Great Hall and Library



In conjunction with the Department of Data Science, the presentation of final posters from the NSF REU and David Le Pre Scholarship students will take place on Thursday, August 02, 2018 from 1:30 pm to 3:00 pm​ at the Higgins House (Refreshments will be served).


NSF REU Students from Chemistry and Biochemistry


PTEN Phosphatase Hydrolysis of PIP3 in Large Unilamellar Vesicles

Shabree Anthony from the Virgin Islands

Advisor: Dr. Arne Gericke


Identifying Genes Involved in C. Elegans  ROS Stress Response

Natalie Balbuena from Woodbridge, PA  

Advisor: Dr. Carissa Perez Olsen


Metal Organic frameworks in drug delivery 

Rushani Cameron from New York, NY

Advisor: Dr. Shawn Burdette 


Prediction of Cysteine pKa Values Using a Grid-Based Methodology

Phoebe Carney from Brooklyn, NY

Advisor: Dr. George Kaminski


Study of Guest Trapping Mechanism in Metal Organic Frameworks by XPS

Juan A. Cintrón Cruz from Puerto Rico

Advisor: Dr. Ronald Grimm


Determination of Capping Location and Guest Quantification of MOF-5

Kathrine Fossum from Newtown, CT

Advisor: Dr. Shawn Burdette


Investigating PLCB1, C3Po, EIF5A complex using FRET 

Lucas Gomez from White Plains, NY

Advisor: Dr. Suzanne Scarlata


Building a Library of Simplified Analogs for Phomoxanthone A

Elizabeth B. Vaughan from Carthage, NC

Advisor - Dr. Anita E. Mattson


The Thermal Stability of Phosphoinositide Domains

Jessica Walker from Lowell, MI

Advisor: Dr. Arne Gericke




David Le Pre Scholarship Students


Xanthone Dipicolylamine Cage

Jonathan Jironvil

Advisor: Dr. Shawn Burdette


RNAi Screen of Membrane Turnover Genes

Ketaki Mahurkar

Advisor: Dr. Carissa Perez  Olsen


Synthesis, Reactivity, and Atmospheric Stability of Cs2TiBr6

Jocelyn Mendes

Advisor: Dr. Ronald Grimm


Plasmalogen supplementation of ads-1 mutant of C. elegans

Eveline Reddington

Advisor: Dr. Carissa Perez Olsen


Giant unilamellar vesicles as a model to study lipid-protein interactions

Olivia Hunker

Advisor: Dr. Arne Gericke