President's IQP Award Presentations

Friday, February 01, 2019
1:15 pm
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Please join us in congratulating the finalists and in the presentation of of the 2018 President's IQP awards. 

The five teams chosen as finalists from 50 entries are (in no particular order):

Weighing Perceived Values of Tinguely's Sculptures Against Technically Advanced Conservation

Students: Erik Langberg (CH), Thomas Mackintosh (ECE), Stephanie Marcucci (BE), Eli Skeggs (CS)  

Advisors: Daniel DiMassa


Reducing Flood Risk in Shkodra Through Community Engagement

Students: Kylie Dickinson (BCB), Donald Dione (CM), Sarah St. Pierre (BE), Tyler Weiss (AE/ECE),  

Advisors: Leslie Dodson and Robert Hersh 


Designing a Sustainable Water Supply Network for El Cuerpo de Bomberos Training Practices

Students: Talon Boie (ME), Kerry Muenchow (CM), Theodore Vangos (ME), Kelly Vodola (CM) 

Advisors: James Chiarelli and Stephen McCauley


Developing Drowsy Driving Mitigation Strategies for Himachal Pradesh

WPI Students: Sierra Palmer (RBE), Glenndon McCormick (ME), Nico Fabbrini (ECE)

IIT Students: Utkrisht Dhankar, Archit Kumar, Rushil Singhal  

WPI Advisors: Ingrid Shockey and Seth Tuler

IIT Advisor: Dr. Varun Dutt


Exploring Community Perceptions of Rural Wastewater Treatment Development:  A Case Study on Kamenicë, Korçë

Students: Ryan Herrmann (ME/MGE), Fang Han (ME), Morgan DeAngelis (EE), Dasia Aldarondo (CM)  

Advisors: Leslie Dodson and Robert Hersh


The following projects received an honorable mention:

From Streets to Sea: Evaluating Citizen Science Programs with the Port Phillip EcoCentre

Students: Nicholas Bergstrom (ME), Sarah Duquette (ME), Madison Healey (ME), Nicholas Sorensen (RBE)

Advisors: Fred Looft and Karen Oates


Analyzing Methods to Improve Infant Sleep Safety

Students: Ryan Kennedy (ECE), Alison LaBarge (ME), Erin McCann (ME), Kyle Seymour (RBE)

Advisors: James Hanlan and Scott Jiusto



5:00 Reception and Presentation of the awards - Higgins House Great Hall

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The President's IQP Award recognizes the student team whose conception, performance and presentation of their interactive qualifying project has been judged outstanding in focusing on their relationships among science, technology, and the needs of society.

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