Project Center Reception in Switzerland

Monday, October 08, 2018
5:00 pm to 8:30 pm
ETH Zurich
Ramistrasse 101
8092 Zurich

Dear Supporter:

There are now 22 IQP and 11 MQP students in Zurich and Buchs conducting the following projects at the institutions shown.


* ZHAW, Winterthur (Gamification of smart cities)
* Technorama, Winterthur (Educational development)
* Unispital, Zürich (Electronic medical records)
* Adolphe Merkle Institute, Fribourg (Ethics of animal testing)
* Cibachrome Association, Fribourg (Prototyping museum design)
* Grabser Mühlbach, Grabs (Enhancing visitor experience)


* ZHAW, Winterthur (Deep learning for finance)
* Aristo Consulting Zurich (Machine learning for cybersecurity)
* NTB, Buchs (Data integration for heat pumps)
* Unispital, Zürich (MEMS-based chochlear hydrophones)

Thanks to the connections, initiative, and financial support of WPI alumni, we will hold a set of presentations and a reception for the students on Monday, October 8, to which you are cordially invited.  Please follow this link to register.

Arrival will be at 17:00 in a classroom on the ETH's Zentrum campus:  HG D3.2, 101 Rämistrasse, 8092 Zürich.  The short presentations of the students will begin at 17:15.  The reception will begin at 18:30 in ETH's Dozentenfoyer, Ramistrasse 101, at the top of the main building overlooking the city, the lake, and the mountains.  During the reception, each student team will have a laptop with which they can provide more details about their work.

I hope you will be able to attend and support our current students.

Kind regards, Nancy Burnham
Director, Switzerland Project Center

Dr. Nancy Burnham
Phone Number: