Project Presentation Day Seminar - Susan Mockus, Ph.D., MBA - The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine - "Dynamic Healthcare in the Age of Precision Medicine"

Friday, April 19, 2019
8:30 am
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Odeum A


Dynamic Healthcare in the Age of Precision Medicine


Abstract:  High-throughput sequencing technologies have shifted the healthcare lens from an aggregate patient cohort view to one that is individualized and personalized. The early impact is profound in precision oncology where a patient’s tumor can be sequenced to identify DNA driver mutations responsive to targeted treatments. Increased sequencing sensitivity has also enabled identification of mutations found in blood, which offers the ability to monitor a patient’s response with dynamically evolving data points for treatment decisions. Recent studies have demonstrated that linking cancer patients to relevant targeted therapies based on genomic data has the potential to achieve higher clinical success relative to recruitment solely based on histological subtype. This improvement in cancer care does not come without the burden of new challenges. The volume and complexity of the data generated has created an interpretation bottleneck and a lag in routine implementation across healthcare systems. As we move into this new era of healthcare, society will have to adapt through multidisciplinary engagement of stakeholders in a continuous learning environment. In precision oncology, clinical knowledgebases, generated through human and machine-assisted data curation, are being leveraged to meet these new challenges and will be discussed in relation to achieving integration and implementation of disruptive technologies in this new age of precision medicine.


Susan Mockus, Ph.D., MBA
Associate Director, Clinical Genomic Market Development
The Jackson Laboratory for Genomic Medicine
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