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Roberto Pasqualino Presents "Global Systemic Risk Analysis with the ERRE model – Research from the SD National model & World3"

Friday, June 11, 2021
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Join us online Friday, June 11th Noon - 1PM ET (Boston time) through:

In this Collective Learning Meeting (CLM), the System Dynamics Society's Economics SIG and WPI System Dynamics host Roberto Pasqualino ( will present part 2 of his presentation on the Economic Risk, Resources and Environment (ERRE) Model::

Global Systemic Risk Analysis with the ERRE model - Research from the SD National model & World3

Short Description: The presentation reviews the ERRE model analysis as published in 'Resources, Financial Risk and the Dynamics of Growth' (Routledge, 2020). This covers both a short term shock analysis for food and energy, and a long term fat tail extreme risk analysis to 2100 for hot house effect, energy depletion, green energy transition and carbon taxes. 

Presentation Slides: CLM-2021-06-11-Pasqualino-Slides

Questions to the Audience: What is the relationship between energy and food when running against global limits? To what extent is global aggregate analysis effective for addressing global emerging risks for humanity within 2100?

Biography:  My research is in complex adaptive systems modelling of industrial policies for the analysis of financial risk and sustainability. My research interest lies in cross cutting fields including complex economics, social change, system policy, innovation processes and energy transition studies. I developed the ERRE model within the Centre for the Understanding of Sustainable Prosperity (CUSP) project, and attracted £400k investment for the creation of an Anglia Ruskin University start-up (Exoshock LTD).  I am currently working as Research Fellow in the Economics of Energy Innovation and Systems Transition (EEIST) supporting narrowing the gap between the energy transition modelling community and effective policy making in China, India, Brazil, Europe, and UK, and consulting the European Commission on energy transition modelling for road transport in Europe. I am the author of several journal papers and co-author of the book ‘Resources Financial Risk and the Dynamics of Growth’ with Professor Aled Jones.

View part 1 of the presentation:

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