Robotics Engineering MQP Preliminary Design Review: CERBERUS

Tuesday, February 05, 2019
1:00 pm to 2:00 pm
85 Prescott Street (Gateway Park)
United States
Floor/Room #: 
Conference Room 209

Project Title: CERBERUS

When: 02/05/19, 1:00 pm

Where: 85 Prescott Conference Room

Project Abstract:

The Computer Enabled Robotic Base Enhancing Remote Unmanned Security (CERBERUS) is a semi-autonomous robotic sentry designed to monitor perimeter disturbances at remote Air Force facilities.  The robot will investigate disturbances in order to increase response time and remove any risk to Air Force personnel.  The platform was built around an Action Track Chair provided by the Air Force.  This project seeks to implement autonomous functionality on top of the existing driver-controlled system.


Team Members: Hannah Olshansky, Kaan Emir

Advisors: Professor Stafford, Professor Wyglinski

Katherine Crighton
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