Robotics Engineering PhD Proposal Defense by Vinayak Vasantrao Jagtap: Walking Controller Based on a Reactive Balancing Controller for Humanoid Robots

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Robotics Engineering - WPI
Friday, March 15, 2019
12:00 pm to 1:00 pm
85 Prescott Robotics
United States
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Conference Room 209

RBE PhD Proposal Defense

Vinayak Vasantrao Jagtap
Walking Controller Based on a Reactive Balancing Controller for Humanoid Robots


Friday, March 15, 2019
12:00pm – 1:00pm
85 Prescott St., Suite 201, RBE 209 (Conf. Room)

Abstract:  Current state of the art walking controllers for humanoid robots use simple models like Linear Inverted Pendulum Mode (LIPM) to approximate Center of Mass(CoM) dynamics of the robot. The dynamic model is then used to generate CoM trajectories that keep the robot balanced. Such controllers need prior information of footholds that is generated by a walking pattern generator. Any change in the goal position when the robot is walking ends up in aborting existing plan and replanning footsteps followed by CoM trajectory generation. We propose a novel approach of building reactive balancing controller that tightly couples the walking pattern generator and the walking controller. Walking will be an emergent behavior from such controller which can be achieved by applying a virtual force in the direction of goal. The virtual force along with external forces on the robot will be used to compute desired CoM acceleration and the footstep parameters for just the next step. Stepping location can be decided based on capture point, which is the point at which the robot should step to stay balanced. As the footstep parameters will be derived based on capture point, prior knowledge of footholds will not be required. We expect to see simpler inputs, faster operation, and inherent reactive nature to external forces from environment using this controller.


Ph.D. Advisor: Prof. Michael Gennert

Ph.D. Committee: Prof. Gregory Fischer, Prof. Taskin Padir

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