System Dynamics Seminar: “Ethics in Prescriptive Analytics: Frameworks & Cases from Studies of Violence & Instability”

Friday, April 05, 2019
10:00 am to 11:00 am
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In this week’s Collective Learning Meeting (CLM), Timothy Clancy ( will be presenting his work:

Ethics in Prescriptive Analytics: Frameworks & Cases from Studies of Violence & Instability

Abstract: Timothy will be sharing a presentation he originally delivered at Stuttgart University in Germany.  The topic is an introduction to ethical frameworks to consider in STEM fields dealing with advanced analytics, including simulation. Timothy shares cases from the field, his own experiences and will solicit discussion among participants of their own. He concludes with a modest-proposal of how to simulation modeling can incorporate the various ethical perspectives.  Includes sourcing from SD practitioners in the Society who have published on ethics.


Biography: Timothy is a PhD Candidate researching the reduction of violence and instability. He is also a full-time consultant with the United States Marine Corps where he currently supports efforts to incorporate systems thinking into problem-solving techniques. Timothy has already published two articles of his dissertation relating to the life-cycle of non-state actors in a special edition of Systems 2018, 6(2). He hopes to complete his dissertation defense sometime before the sun reaches the end of it’s main-sequence stage. 


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