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Tech Advisors Network

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
6:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Floor/Room #: 
Rooms 203/205

Wednesday, September 21, 2022
WPI Innovation Studio - Rooms 203 & 205

The Innovation & Entrepreneurship team is excitedly preparing for the
Fall 2022 Tech Advisor Network meetings.  Join us as we welcome our community back on campus for in-person TAN meetings! 

A virtual option will also be available. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to join virtually, please join the zoom meeting at 6:45pm.


6:00 PM Networking Reception and Dinner (In Person Only)
6:45 PM  Opening Remarks
7:00 PM TAN Meeting – Start-up pitches


Start-ups Scheduled to Pitch


Alicorn Systems
Brandon Sanders (WPI B.S. '20):
Natasha Levey (WPI B.S. '20, M.S. '21):
 We’re experts in simplifying complex distributed systems like multi-robot teams, microservices, and blockchains.
Our serverless-anywhere platform helps you build and run any app or microservice, anywhere—even on robots. Our patent-pending Metablockchain keeps your data safe, and your apps fast.


Founded in 2016 by Brandon Sanders when he was frustrated with the coding tools available to high school roboticists, the original Alicorn app enabled students of all ages to make commercial-grade software systems.

While at WPI, Alicorn joined the Tech Advisors Network, where they received mentorship and support ultimately leading to the creation of a new Alicorn which enables classrooms and enterprises alike to create globally-available, blockchain-secured applications—without any specialized networking, cryptography, or systems design skills.

In 2021, the team incorporated Alicorn Systems, Inc., and Natasha Levey joined as the Business Development Director.

Alicorn is seeking mentorship, industry connections, and funding to achieve the next level of verification and validation.


Sarah Jordan (Current WPI PhD candidate):

Founded by two metallurgical engineers, Skuld LLC is pushing the envelope of foundry technology and doing things others consider impossible.

Skuld is a startup with a mission to make the greenest metal manufacturing process even greener.  Skuld makes metals manufacturing more effective and efficient through several new technologies.  Their patent-pending approach to additive manufacturing is over 10X faster and 80% cheaper than alternatives.  This Additive Manufacturing Evaporative Casting (AMEC) process combines additive manufacturing’s geometry and digital flexibility with casting’s easier qualification due to established material properties.  They are seeking early adopters needing complex metal parts, angel investors, and corporate venture capital.

Tiketi Rafiki

Raymond Magambo (WPI M.S. '21):

Tiketi Rafiki offers over 60,000 daily intercity bus travelers in Tanzania a convenient and safe e-ticketing service integrated with their mobile money accounts. No more frustration, exhaustion, inconvenience with long-distance travel, or excessive wait times at overcrowded stations.

Eighty-six (86) bus companies have signed contracts, launched the e-ticketing platform, and are generating revenue for Tiketi Rafiki.

Tiketi Rafiki is seeking funding to establish a fully functional customer call center as well as expand the team to support customer acquisition.



Therapeutic Innovations
Solomon A. Mensah, Ph.D|BEng.|HND.:
Assistant Professor
Biomedical Engineering | Global School | Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
CEO and Co-Founder, Therapeutic Innovations, Inc.


Therapeutic Innovations is dedicated to redesigning medical devices for developing countries without compromising on quality.

Therapeutic Innovations is developing an inexpensive feeding system that will accurately administer nutrition to premature babies in low-to-middle-income countries aimed at combating malnutrition and stunted growth. This device, MooBabyâ, will not only be easy to use and maintain but will have the ability to function during power outages – all without compromising safety.

Therapeutic Innovations is seeking partners with expertise in lean manufacturing and commercialization as well as funding for student stipends and materials to support the ongoing research and development efforts. 


Kemal Rifky (WPI B.S. ’25):
Istan Slamet (WPI B.S. ’25):

Clarissa Ko (Clark University B.S. ’25):

Affordable Renewables For The Developing World. is a nonprofit spearheaded by Worcester Polytechnic Institute students focused on addressing the lack of access to the electrical grid in developing communities worldwide.

A lack of access to the electrical grid in rural communities leads to the widespread use of gas-powered generators, and the rigidness of electricity production places a large burden on communities far from the electrical grids. tackles this problem through the construction of modular small-scale hydropower with expandable energy storage in rural villages by taking advantage of natural resources such as water channels, lakes, irrigations, etc.  While our latest verification and validation pilot was conducted in Indonesia, our goal is to offer our solution worldwide. is seeking mentorship, industry connections, and funding.
We hope you will join us as we gather the TAN community together.
Registration Deadline:
Monday, September 19, 2022 11:59 pm