Tech Advisors Network (TAN) - January 2020 Meeting

Wednesday, January 15, 2020
6:00 pm to 9:30 pm

One of the cornerstones of the innovation ecosystem at WPI is the Tech Advisors Network (TAN), essentially a virtual incubator that launched in 2012. The Tech Advisors Network has engaged with entrepreneurs on various new products, such as a smartphone application that prevents texting and driving, an online educational tool for middle school science, and a video monitoring system. The Tech Advisors Network meets monthly to review progress of current teams and hear pitches from new startups. 

Our Value Proposition:  The Tech Advisors Network provides advising and networking services to support innovators and entrepreneurs.

Advisees:  Who are we incubating?  Innovators and entrepreneurs who are members of the extended WPI community: alumni, faculty, staff, and students.

Advisors:  80+ WPI alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who are experienced innovators, entrepreneurs, and investors.

Meeting Agenda (01.15.2020):

6 – 6:45
pm:       Networking Dinner 

6:45 – 7 pm: 
     Opening Remarks & Introduction of Guests

7 – 7:25 pm:       I&E

7:25 – 7:45 pm:  Progress
Updates from current TAN Cohort II Team Leaders

cnective – Kevin McCarron

Rydro Farming - Nolan Ryan

7:45 –
9 pm:       Presentations from *new* TAN candidates and
formation of advisor teams

During the December TAN Holiday Dinner, it was announced the TAN Accelerator Program will return to a rolling model (versus the existing cohort model).  Allowing teams to enter the TAN Accelerator Program on a rolling basis will better serve the TAN teams, the TAN advisors, and the Community.  

Applications are currently being accepted, and time will be allotted each meeting for TAN candidate teams to present.  The goal of this change is to allow an organic flow of new TAN candidate teams into the system as well as allow more opportunities for TAN members looking to advise.

Parking Pass for January 2020 Meeting

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