Training Workshop: Planning and Writing Successful Grant Proposals

Wednesday, April 11, 2018
8:30 am to 4:30 pm
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Suite 2400

Designed for faculty who are serious about improving their ability to secure research funding, this day-long workshop focuses on the key organizational principles for writing competitive grant proposals. How does the planning process impact the final proposal? What key information must be on the first page? How do you organize the discussion of the approach so that your plan is crystal clear to your reviewer? Many of the answers to these questions are common across funders, and the workshop provides both conceptual approaches and concrete methods for constructing competitive proposals.

Workshop leader M. S. (Peg) AtKisson has 18 years of grant writing and training experience across multiple agencies and disciplines. Dr. AtKisson founded the proposal and research development office at Tufts University starting as a contract grant writer in 2001. In eight years she and her team contributed to $140 million in funded proposals from NSF, NIH, USDA, USAID, the Keck Foundation, and others. Her firm, AtKisson Training Group (ATG), trains principal investigators both on developing superior proposal documents and on overall planning for funding and academic success. Dr. AtKisson is a highly acclaimed public speaker with a track record of helping faculty improve their competitiveness for funding.

Participants will receive the presentation handouts and the current draft copy of the forthcoming Handbook for Planning and Writing Successful Proposals. The Handbook is used during the workshop, and serves as a resource for proposal writing. The morning session will cover aspects such as assessing readiness, identifying funder priorities, and setting time lines for crafting the submission. The second part of the morning covers the all-important first page—e.g., the NIH Specific Aims page, or the opening page of any proposal to any funder. The afternoon covers clear and compelling ways to present the preliminary data, the foundational literature and the research plan using concrete writing strategies. The rest of the afternoon covers the additional pieces of a proposal, including title and abstract, writing style, and re-submission.

This is a free event for faculty, and attendance is limited to 48 participants. Lunch will be provided. Register today to make a meaningful investment in your career by gaining top proposal-writing skills through participating in this workshop. This workshop is sponsored by the WPI Office of Sponsored Research and the WPI Research Solutions Institute, as part of the Grantwriting for Impact (G4I) training series.

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