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WinterSession/Hack@WPI - Day 1

Monday, January 18, 2021
11:00 am


Time: 11:00am 

Workshop Name: Value Creation 

Workshop Facilitators:

  • Leonard Polizzotto, WPI Distinguished Executive-in-Residence 

  • Curt Carlson, Founder & CEO of Practice Innovation, WPI Distinguished Executive-in-Residence & WPI Trustee  

Workshop Description: 
Value creation is the process of creating solutions for unmet societal needs that provide more value to customers than any alternative and that satisfy all stakeholders. Value creation is how innovations are developed. 

Why It's Important:
The world’s challenges will only be solved by passionate professionals with essential technical, human, and value creation skills. Value creation is the process for how to make a positive impact on the world.

What You Will Learn:
You will learn how to: identify problems that matter, assemble and work in productive teams, give and receive feedback, convincingly present the value of your initiative, and develop action plans for moving forward. 

Value Creation Workshop Registration

Time: 5:00pm

Workshop Name:  Teamwork 2.0

Workshop Facilitator:

  • Brent French, Adjunct Teaching Professor of Organizational Behavior, Foisie Business School

Workshop Description: 
The first part of the 21st century is the golden age of small, autonomous teams solving Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous (VUCA) challenges.  Too often teams fail to achieve elite status because of dysfunctional dynamics and the misapplication of 20th century methods.  Using lessons from a three decade military career leading elite units as a Ranger-qualified member of Air Force Special Operations Command, athletic performance and coaching at an international level, and nearly a decade of teaching teamwork and leadership to WPI and Naval War College students, this hour-long workshop offers practical insights on creating an apex team experience. 

Teamwork 2.0 Workshop Registration


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