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WPI Community Open Space

Wednesday, March 03, 2021
3:00 pm to 5:00 pm

What seeds of an awesome WPI, even if you’ve no time to plant and tend them right now, do you want to cultivate and see blossom in the future?

Dear WPI Community,

You may have heard about the pair of “make C term awesome” gatherings held Jan. 19th and 26th by, for, and in collaboration between students, faculty, and staff. Feedback from attendees included, “[we felt] heard, in community, not alone, finding hope,” and “liked the mix of students/faculty/staff, that all had the guts to accept and augment each other,” and those who chose to attend were clear that they wanted more. We agreed to reconvene monthly for the foreseeable future, to connect with each other, visualize what we want for and in this community, and continue to co-create just that.

As a result of that event:

  •  A draft of the Just in Time Tips Newsletter is now reviewed by a student before being sent each week
  •  An Open Space team working on some creative technology ideas that support brainstorming and collaborations

All who want to are hereby invited to join our mid-C-term gathering at 3:00 PM on March 3, for which our guiding question will be, “What seeds of an awesome WPI, even if you’ve no time to plant and tend them right now, do you want to cultivate and see blossom in the future?"

This series is sponsored by Art Heinricher, Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Rosana Pochat, WPI Senior, Ryan Candy, WPI Senior, and Katie Elmes, Director of Expanded Learning Opportunities in Undergraduate Studies; and powered by you! (by your combined sense of passion and responsibility).

The event will once again be held in Open Spacewhere everyone who attends is equal and anyone who’s there can add a topic to the agenda.  Read about Open Space here or watch this video to get a taste of the meeting format. (Online Open Space looks different but feels very much the same.)

Be prepared to be surprised by all that emerges from this event.  We can’t make COVID go away, but we can make the spring terms and beyond better for everyone at WPI!

If you will be joining us, there are a few things we need from each other to make this work for everyone:

  • Please be on video by 3:05 to engage in the Opening Circle.  This will last about 20-25 minutes, and then you can come and go as needed. The event will end no later than 5pm. 
  • To have a better experience,  upgrade to Zoom version 5 (or higher) before the event and plan to keep your computer camera turned on.
  • Bring paper or a notebook and a bold marker. (Yep, real paper!)    
  • Engage respectfully and civilly with the community.

To create a free account and RSVP, go to: (RSVP appreciated but optional)


Note:  If you want to attend but have concerns about accessibility, please email Katie Elmes at, and we’ll seek to accommodate you.


Please share this event with friends and colleagues. We hope you’ll choose to join us!

Ar, Rosana, Ryan, and Katie