WPI is taking measures in response to the rapidly evolving coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. Get the latest information.

Information Technology Resources

With D-Term going completely online and students having no physical access to our computer labs and computing resources, WPI IT has brought the following new resources online. 

  • Acquired and made available standalone versions of many of our popular applications such as SolidworksLabview, Multisim, ArcGIS, etc.  View all Software available to WPI faculty, staff, and students
  • For students and faculty who need access to applications that are graphically intensive (most IMGD applications, Rivet, etc.), we will be provisioning virtual desktops in the cloud that can be accessed from anywhere without the need for VPN. More information is forthcoming.  
  • If you are teaching a course that relies heavily on applications such as Maple/Comsol/Ansys/Abaqus or others we can provide dedicated resources. 

Note: So that faculty and staff can perform their jobs remotely during these difficult times, we have limited access to VPN to faculty and staff only. There may be exceptions for students who absolutely need it. However, we expect most students should be able to perform their work through terminal servers. We also encourage faculty to share files with students using Canvas or Teams, which eliminates the need for internal network shares.  

Project-based Learning (PBL) Resources

Global Lab 

Creative Scholarship Workshop: The Global Lab will offer pre-recorded and *live* online workshops, trainings and consultations to help students and faculty integrate creative storytelling into their projects and scholarship. Learn more.

Online Modules: These modules will be available to anyone who joins the Global Lab course on Canvas (login required). Faculty can port this material into their Canvas course site. Modules will include: 

  • Creating a compelling project reports (with Canva, Word, Google Docs or Powerpoint)
  • Podcasting
  • Audio and video editing for IQPs/MQPs and other project work (with Reeper and Camtasia)​​

Creative Scholarship: Faculty Collaboration: Are you exploring new ways to communicate project work? Would you like to brainstorm ideas around creative scholarship? Are you curious about storyworlds for project-based learning and the potential role storyworlds may play in your courses or research? Leslie Dodson and Steve McCauley are available for Zoom meetings or phone calls in D-term to help introduce you to storyworld concepts or to assist you in developing new modes to communicate research. For more information,ccntact Leslie Dodson at: LLDodson@wpi.edu or Steve McCauley at: Mccauley@wpi.edu.

Center for Project-based Learning

The Center for Project-based Learning has external resources, tools, and strategies that might be useful for faculty members both at WPI and elsewhere for going remote with project-based learning