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STEM-based University Alliance Lands $3.5M NSF Grant

WPI joins UConn, Northeastern University, Tufts University, UMass, Amherst and University of Rhode Island in a higher education alliance focused on expanding diversity in STEM fields.

The 31 Colleges Where Students Go On to Earn the Highest Starting Salaries

PayScale looked at the starting and mid-career pay for over a million college grads — including professionals who graduated with a bachelor's from 963 colleges and universities. WPI tied for 15th place for grads with the highest starting salaries.

Bumblebees May Teach Smart Cars a Thing or Two

Alex Wyglinski, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and his team of Ph.D. candidates and fellow faculty members are working to apply bumblebee communication methods to driverless cars.

WPI Researchers Develop Blanket to Fuel, Not Smother, Oil Spill Flames

A team at Worcester Polytechnic Institute is headed to Alabama soon to test a blanket that doesn't snuff out flames, but keeps them going to clean oil spills.

Study Shows Functional Effects of Human Stem Cell Delivery to Heart Muscle After Heart Attack

WPI’s Katrina Hansen and Glenn Gaudette demonstrate changes in heart function that occur directly in the region where researchers delivered stem cells. 

Skills and Temperament Drive Success in Cloud-based Data Science

Fearlessness, curiosity, and mastery of statistics are keys to data science success, says Elke Rundensteiner, director of WPI’s Data Science program. 

How to Begin Thinking About a Flexible System

Wally Towner, director of the WPI Center for Innovative Manufacturing Solutions, offers guidance on flexible manufacturing systems.

50 Years of Star Trek: Boldly Inspiring Generations of Scientists

Lee Sheldon, professor of practice in the computer science department, recalls his time as writer and producer on Star Trek: The Next Generation.

5 Lessons from the DARPA Robotics Challenge

Mike Gennert, head of WPI’s Robotics program, highlights lessons learned from the DARPA Robotics Challenge  

Teaching science and math to the youngest of students

Martha Cyr, executive director of the STEM Education Center at WPI, discusses Seeds of STEM, an initiative to create STEM curriculum for preschool in partnership with Head Start.

Bard At The Bar: Shakespeare-Inspired Cocktail Recipes

Professor Michelle Ephraim discusses how she was inspired to combine Shakespeare and cocktail hour through a coffee-table book which provides cocktail recipes to pair with Shakespeare's plays.

Central Massachusetts College Road Trip: Worcester Polytechnic Institute

The benefits of project-based curriculum are highlighted by students, graduates, Art Heinricher, dean of undergraduate studies, and Richard Vaz dean of the interdisciplinary and global studies division.

Peering Inside the 'Human Phantom': Woman's Corpse Is Cut Into 5,000 Slices and Digitally Stitched Together to Create the World's Most Detailed Image of the Body

Professor Sergey Makarov explains how 5,000 high resolution cross sections of a cadaver, digitally stitched together in a lab at WPI, will aid medical researchers.

The Tragic Tale of Mt. Everest's Most Famous Dead Body

Professor Michael Elmes provides perspective on the factors that may contribute to accidents and casualties during high altitude mountain climbing. 

Massachusetts Emerges as a Robot Industry Powerhouse

As part of a list of contributions to the field of robotics made in Massachusetts, WPI is noted as the first university in the country to offer a major in robotics engineering.

Portable Battery Chargers Could Explode, Cause Fire

Professor Yan Wang demonstrates how lithium ion batteries can ignite and explode when overheated. Older devices with battery management systems that no longer work are especially dangerous.

SAT Losing Favor as More Mass. Colleges End Requirement

WPI Senior Vice President Kristen Tichenor explains why WPI has experienced a surge in applications and enrollment from women and minorities since the admissions process became test-optional.

Virtual Human At WPI Helps Make Medical Advances

Professor Sergey Makarov exhibits the "virtual human" 5,000 high resolution cross sections of a cadaver, digitally stitched together in a lab at WPI, to aid medical research.

Paris Attack Could Renew Debate Over Encrypted Messaging Apps

WPI professor Susan Landau weighs in on the debate of whether law enforcement should have "back door" access to private, encrypted networks to investigate crime and terrorism. 

WiFi Enabled Toys Could Put Your Privacy at Risk

WPI professors Craig Shue and Krishna Venkatasubramanian discuss cybersecurity concerns in the realm of the internet of things (IoT) where devices, including toys, are connected to WiFi.