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Restaurant Revenue Plunged 33% During Six Months of the Pandemic

The Worcester Business Journal sought insight from Michael Elmes, professor of business, for its article.“Given how easily this virus is transmitted via aerosol droplets in closed spaces, it is not clear to me how many customers will risk eating in restaurants in spite of the precautions that restaurants are taking,” he told The Journal.

President Leshin - The 2020 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts

WPI and President Leshin were named to The Boston Globe Magazine’s “The 2020 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts” WPI was ranked at 42. The list, a joint project of The Commonwealth Institute and The Globe’s magazine, includes leaders of health care companies, retail giants, financial institutions, and nonprofits. 

Matching a Degree with a Career Path

Firehouse noted WPI’s role in the development of fire protection degrees (5th graph) in their article. “As time and society evolved, more fire protection-related degree programs were founded, including large ones at Eastern Kentucky University, the University of Maryland and Worcester Polytechnic Institute,” the article stated.

Mass. Higher Ed Advocacy Group Seeks New President

The Boston Business Journal reported that Richard J. Doherty, who has led the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AICUM) since 2005, plans to step down May 31. WPI President Laurie Leshin commented on the announcement: “The respect for Rich at the Massachusetts State House and with our Congressional delegation undoubtedly begins with Rich’s integrity and earnest concern for the students and families who attend our colleges and universities. His role this past year in assisting our colleges and universities to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic has been invaluable.”

Containing Covid at WPI

President Leshin was interviewed by NBC Boston for the segment, “Containing Covid at WPI” (6:35 mark). The report cited President Leshin saying that students are following the university’s masking and social distance guidelines.

Fitchburg State drops $50 application fee

WPI was noted in The Worcester Business Journal article, “Fitchburg State Drops $50 Application Fee.” “Worcester Polytechnic Institute announced it, too, was dropping its $70 application fee. The school said the change was part of an ongoing effort to make its application process more accessible,” the article stated.

Pandemic Enrollment Effect a Mixed Bag for Central Mass. Colleges

Andrew Palumbo, assistant vice president for enrollment management & dean of admissions & financial aid, was quoted in The Telegram & Gazette article, “Pandemic Enrollment Effect a Mixed Bag for Central Mass. Colleges".

WPI welcomes 19 full-time educators and researchers to its faculty for the 2020-21 academic year

More than 70 media outlets, including the Latin Trade , Pittsburgh Post Gazette, and the Oklahoman carried the news of WPI welcoming 19 full-time educators and researchers to its faculty for the 2020-21 academic year. 

University’s involvement with Massachusetts STEM week

Spectrum News1 Worcester interviewed Kathy Chen, executive director of the STEM Education Center at WPI, and Nicole Anterni, director of sponsorship and events, about the university’s involvement with Massachusetts STEM week. Supported by the Governor’s office, the week highlights the importance of encouraging young people to get involved in the science, technology, engineering, and math fields.

Worcester Officials: Colleges Dedicated to Pandemic Safety

WPI was noted (last graph) in the Worcester Business Journal article, “Worcester Officials: Colleges Dedicated to Pandemic Safety.”

WPI eliminates its undergraduate application fee

Boston 25 (6:36 mark) reported on WPI eliminating its undergraduate application fee, supporting its mission of expanding access to a high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

How a Pioneering COVID Testing Lab Helped Keep Northeast Colleges Open

President Laurie Leshin was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “How a Pioneering Covid Testing Lab Helped Keep Northeast Colleges Open,” talking about how colleges’ and universities’ partnerships with the Broad Institute have helped institutions like WPI test their campus communities for COVID-19.

WPI opens specialized clinic to focus on students with COVID-19 symptoms, expands coronavirus testing capabilities

Mass Live featured the article and quoted Health Director Lisa Pearlman. “We are focused on the health of our students,” she said. “adding new facilities and extra staff members to help us manage all the health needs of our campus.”

College Town: WPI scraps undergrad application fee

The Telegram and Gazette reported in its College Town section on WPI eliminating its undergraduate application fee, supporting its mission of expanding access to a high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

Boston developer Joe Fallon enters manufacturing with an N95 mask factory

The Boston Globe article noted WPI as one of the universities that played a key role in the initiative (scroll to bottom).

Airborne radioactivity increases downwind of fracking, study finds

The Guardian (UK) quoted WPI Associate Research Engineer Marco Kaltofen in their article (15th graph). “We shouldn’t ask how airborne radioactive risk from fracking compares to the waterborne risk. We should ask if it’s a good idea to add radioactive particulates to either air or water. This study suggests that the answer is no,” he said.

WPI drops $70 undergraduate application fee

The Worcester Business Journal was the latest to report on WPI eliminating its undergraduate application fee, supporting its mission of expanding access to a high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

10 Colleges Where Early Applicants Have an Edge

U.S. News & World Report included WPI in its piece highlighting colleges and universities whose early acceptance rate was nearly 50 percentage points higher on average than the regular acceptance rate.

US universities defend reopening plans as virus spreads

Times Higher Education reported on how some colleges and universities are facing criticism about resuming in-person education at the start of the new academic year. The article included a quote from President Leshin on how it is too early to judge whether or not colleges or universities made the right decision: “It’s way too soon for anybody to gloat; it’s way too soon for any of us to declare success, and way too soon to point fingers,” she said.

Your Smartphone Can Tell If You’re Drunk-Walking

Wired interviewed Professor Emmanuel Agu, computer science, for their article. (scroll down to interview beginning in 7th paragraph). “He and his coworkers also used smartphones to measure intoxicated sway, and even built an inebriation-detecting app called AlcoGait,” Wired wrote. “Gait-sensed impairment is quite accurate, which is why the police have used the field sobriety test for decades,” Agu added.