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Colleges are Making the SAT and ACT Optional Now. Will that Stick?

The Boston Globe interviewed Dean of Admissions Andy Palumbo for an article. (12th graph) “Admissions offices do not need standardized test scores to make sound admissions decisions,” he said.


NACE (National Association of Colleges and Employers) published a blog post by Steve Koppi, executive director, Career Development Center.

Inventing a University 'From Scratch': College Leaders Talk Covid-19

President Leshin was noted in The Boston Business Journal article, "Inventing a University 'from Scratch': College Leaders Talk COVID-19", a virtual panel hosted by the Mass. High Technology Council. “We can move quickly and innovatively in higher ed — more than anyone thought,” Leshin said. “This moment has shown we can pivot quickly and that’s exciting,” she told the group.

Charlie Baker Forms Board to Plan Reopening as he Extends Closures, Stay-at-Home Advisory to May 18

WPI President Laurie Leshin is noted in a story in as being named a member of the Reopening Advisory Board, which is charged with informing Massachusetts Gov. Charles Baker’s administration “on strategies for a phased reopening of the economy” amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Watch 3D printers churn out medical supplies to fight COVID-19

The Verge featured Greg Fischer, professor of engineering, along with other makers in an online interview (quoted throughout). “This is not going to do as well as a commercially available ventilator, but it’s going to do a heck of a lot better than nothing,” Fischer told The Verge. “And, that’s really unfortunately the situation we might be in.”

A College Admissions Dean Writes Open Letter to Panicked High School Juniors

The Washington Post’s education writer included an open letter to high school juniors by Andrew Palumbo, dean of admissions and financial aid.

The Computer-Science Boom is Straining Colleges. But it Could Save Some, Too.

Craig Wills, professor and head of computer science, spoke with The Chronicle of Higher Education about the surge of students enrolling in computer science programs.

As I See It: Widespread Testing Required for Tracking, Responding to COVID-19 Pandemic

Joseph D. Fehribach, associate professor of mathematical sciences, wrote a piece for the Telegram & Gazette about how one of the greatest weapons against COVID-19 is widespread testing for both the virus and for COVID-19 anti-bodies produced by infected people. ​

Students Call For Test Optional Admissions in 2021 as the Coronavirus Delays ACT And SAT

Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid Andrew Palumbo was quoted in a Diverse Issues in Higher Education article. “Test scores have a problematic correlation with family income, with sex and with race and ethnicity. Period,” he said. “As someone who’s led admissions teams at a range of different institutions, admissions officers do not need a single high-stakes test score to make solid admissions decisions.”

Central Mass. Colleges Face an Uncertain Future

The Worcester Business Journal spoke with Andy Palumbo, dean of admissions and enrollment, about how the COVID-19 pandemic might affect college admissions for the next academic year (pg. 12). 

Coronavirus shows how important 5G networking is

Alex Wyglinski, professor of electrical and computer engineering, and robotics engineering, wrote a piece for the Hartford Courant on how critical 5G technology is to helping people whose work depends on the internet do their jobs better, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Latest Developments on Powering Our World with Green Waste: WPI Researchers Work on Catalytic Method for Conversion

Mike Timko, assistant professor of chemical engineering, wrote a special piece for Biofuels Digest on how people should consider biofuels instead of waste for power, following the goal behind his research of transforming food waste and yard waste into biofuel. 

WPI Students Are Building Engines At Home

WBZ Radio radio featured how WPI students in ME1800, a normally hands-on class, are, instead,  building thermoacoustic engines virtually due to the coronavirus pandemic. Toby Bergstrom, operations manager at Washburn Shops, was interviewed.  

WPI Researchers Help Design Ventilators During Coronavirus Pandemic

WBZ-TV is the latest to air the work that Greg Fischer, the William Smith Dean's Professor, is doing with other WPI researchers on designing ventilators and making their components publicly available so anyone with a 3D printer and background in electronics and mechanical engineering could use them to produce ventilators for hospitals.

Coronavirus Is Taking Down Warships Everywhere

The National Interest talked to Dmitry Korkin, associate professor of computer science, about how and why diseases, like coronavirus spread quickly on ships.

Time Restrictions Could Increase Infection By Creating Bottle-Necks, Says Epidemiology Researcher

Suhas Srinivasan, PhD student in the Data Science program, was interviewed by Times of News India for this article.

Researchers Working to Make Designs of Ventilators Publicly Available

WBUR interviewed Greg Fischer, the William Smith Dean's Professor, on his spearheading the idea of having teams of WPI researchers make designs of ventilators and their components publicly available so anyone with a 3D printer and background in electronics and mechanical engineering could use them to produce ventilators for hospitals.

Women In Engineering: Danielle Cote

ASM International featured a Q&A with Danielle Cote, assistant professor, mechanical engineering.

Federal Stimulus Would Give $367B in Loans to Small Businesses

Frank Hoy, Beswick Professor of Innovation & Entrepreneurship, was quoted in a Worcester Business Journal article. Hoy discussed the financial focus that is needed to assist small and medium-sized business during the coronavirus outbreak.

WPI employees collect, print medical supplies amid pandemic

The Worcester Business Journal was the latest to cover WPI’s recent efforts to help the medical community, which is facing a supply shortage.