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As Students Return, New England Colleges Are Seen As Models Of Testing And COVID Control

President Leshin was quoted in the WGBH report, “As Students Return, New England Colleges Are Seen As Models Of Testing And COVID Control.” “Here in Massachusetts, I think we’re actually lighting the way on how to live and learn in the age of COVID,” Leshin told the station. “I really sincerely hope that other parts of the country look to our successful model and set up a way that they can do the same because we’ve shown that it’s possible to stay open and keep operating with relatively low case numbers.”

From campus, a lesson in controlling the virus

President Leshin was quoted in The Boston Globe article, “Regular testing across the whole campus community is really essential to success,” Leshin told The Globe, which also noted her role in leading the state’s task force on college reopening. “The testing was really critical…It’s not a secret formula.”

President Leshin - The 2020 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts

WPI and President Leshin were named to The Boston Globe Magazine’s “The 2020 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts” WPI was ranked at 42. The list, a joint project of The Commonwealth Institute and The Globe’s magazine, includes leaders of health care companies, retail giants, financial institutions, and nonprofits. 

Mass. Higher Ed Advocacy Group Seeks New President

The Boston Business Journal reported that Richard J. Doherty, who has led the Association of Independent Colleges and Universities (AICUM) since 2005, plans to step down May 31. WPI President Laurie Leshin commented on the announcement: “The respect for Rich at the Massachusetts State House and with our Congressional delegation undoubtedly begins with Rich’s integrity and earnest concern for the students and families who attend our colleges and universities. His role this past year in assisting our colleges and universities to navigate the Covid-19 pandemic has been invaluable.”

Containing Covid at WPI

President Leshin was interviewed by NBC Boston for the segment, “Containing Covid at WPI” (6:35 mark). The report cited President Leshin saying that students are following the university’s masking and social distance guidelines.

How a Pioneering COVID Testing Lab Helped Keep Northeast Colleges Open

President Laurie Leshin was quoted in The Wall Street Journal article, “How a Pioneering Covid Testing Lab Helped Keep Northeast Colleges Open,” talking about how colleges’ and universities’ partnerships with the Broad Institute have helped institutions like WPI test their campus communities for COVID-19.

College Town: WPI scraps undergrad application fee

The Telegram and Gazette reported in its College Town section on WPI eliminating its undergraduate application fee, supporting its mission of expanding access to a high-quality Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

US universities defend reopening plans as virus spreads

Times Higher Education reported on how some colleges and universities are facing criticism about resuming in-person education at the start of the new academic year. The article included a quote from President Leshin on how it is too early to judge whether or not colleges or universities made the right decision: “It’s way too soon for anybody to gloat; it’s way too soon for any of us to declare success, and way too soon to point fingers,” she said.

Broad Institute coronavirus testing: Positive rates at 108 Boston-area colleges make up one-tenth of state’s average

The Boston Herald reported on the effort that is under way to prevent Massachusetts colleges from turning into coronavirus hot zones as students return to campus. President Laurie Leshin, who also served on Gov. Charlie Baker’s Reopening Advisory Board and as chair of the Massachusetts Higher Education Working Group, described how critical testing is to protecting the health and safety of students, faculty, staff members, and people in the communities that surround college campuses.

How to Share the Internet When the Family's All Working at Once

President Leshin was interviewed about WPI’s fall reopening on NBC 10 Boston Facebook Live.“We’ve got to figure out how we can live and learn with COVID,” she said. “We’re going to learn from all of this.”

With Influx of College Students Looming, How Will Boston Keep Safe?

The Boston Globe quoted President Leshin in their article. “Every single one of the presidents is taking this work incredibly seriously,” Leshin told The Globe. “They see these decisions as being the most important of their professional careers."   

Is Karyn Polito angling for a third term — or a first?

President Leshin was quoted in the Commonwealth article. Leshin served as the higher education representative on the Massachusetts reopening board headed by the lieutenant governor. Leshin told Commonwealth that Polito took the weight of the Massachusetts reopening decisions seriously, listening to various opinions, acknowledging that the group needed to act with imperfect information.

Central Mass. college leaders push back against ICE policy on international students

WPI was one of the many Worcester colleges noted in the Telegram & Gazette article defending international students’ rights to higher education in the United States. President Leshin spoke about the importance of educating all students, including those from around the world: “WPI has a proud history of welcoming and educating students and scholars from around the world,” she said. “These future STEM leaders are important members of our community, and this week’s action by ICE threatens their educational success.”

Video Friday: Robotic Third Hand Helps You With Elevators, Handshakes

IEEE Spectrum recapped President Leshin’s interview with a high school student as part of a series by MassRobotics “How to Be a Robotocist.” (scroll down to Robotics Debate subhead, 3:59 mark).

CRASH COURSE: Terms Like 'De-densification' are Becoming De Rigueur in Back-to-Campus Plans

President Leshin was interviewed for the Boston Business Journal. she describes the impact on college and university presidents of having to make decisions on how to approach the Fall semester/term.

Interview with Laurie Leshin, President of WPI

President Leshin, President Laurie Leshin, who serves as the higher education representative on the advisory board Gov. Charlie Baker established to plan for the state's economic reopening, was interviewed on the podcast AICUM Insight (Association of Independent Colleges & Universities in Mass.). She spoke about, among other things, the difficult issues colleges and universities face during the pandemic. “I think our job in this moment is just to be as transparent as we can possibly be. If we’re going to have communities back together…it’s our job to continue to work to stop the spread of this virus,” she said.

WPI's President on How Reopening Higher Ed May Look

New England Cable News featured an interview with President Leshin. ”I think every campus across the commonwealth is making plans that will allow them to reopen and also plans in case they cannot,” she said.

Worcester Colleges Call for Systematic Changes in Wake of George Floyd Killing

The Worcester Business Journal included President Leshin’s thoughts in this article, (scroll up to 3rd article from bottom). “The protests of the past few days, ignited by the killing of George Floyd, but truly fueled by the continued targeting, demonization, and abuse of black people across our country, highlight legitimate anger, which I share,” Leshin wrote. “The uprising we’re now seeing points to the significant work we still have to do as a society to confront and eliminate racism. I stand with those who are outraged at the senseless loss of black lives.”

WPI President Talks About Space Launch

“It’s a thrilling and exciting day, and I wish them Godspeed,” President Leshin told NBC Boston over the weekend as SpaceX launched astronauts into orbit. Leshin used to work at NASA where, 10 years ago, she was involved in overseeing the commercial program which gave the very first funding to SpaceX to create the rocket.​

The Steps Needed to Safely Reopen Colleges and Universities

President Leshin had an Op-ed published in The Boston Globe.