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Thanks to WPI Undergrads, This Sea Turtle has a ‘Biomimetic’ Flipper

A WPI student research project which created a 3D printed prosthetic for a rare sea turtle lands to front page of The Boston Globe.

Automotive Recycling Market Volatile

Sean Kelly, of the Center for Resource Recovery and Recycling at WPI, talks about the impact of a foreign tariff battle on the scrap metal market. 

Ho hum. The Robots Are Here.

Innovation features an article by WPI’s Candace Sidner, research professor. Robotics offers businesses and the military many opportunities for new markets, and new help to users across a wide spectrum of tasks and needs,” Sidner stated. “Making robots useful will depend on making them useable by humans.”

The 2016 Top 100 Women-Led Businesses in Massachusetts

WPI is listed at #19 and is the highest ranking college in the annual report.  The Globe, along with the Commonwealth Institute, looked at revenue or operating budget and other variables, including number of full-time employees in the state, workplace and management diversity, and innovative projects.

Study Shows Functional Effects of Human Stem Cell Delivery to Heart Muscle After Heart Attack

A study demonstrating changes in heart function that occur directly in the region where researchers delivered stem cells was coauthored by Katrina Hansen, PhD candidate in Biomedical Engineering; Glenn Gaudette, professor, biomedical engineering; and other university colleagues. 

Rigorous SRI Study Shows Online Mathematics Homework Program Developed at Worcester Polytechnic Institute Increases Student Achievement

The American Education Research Association Journal reports on a study that quantifies the benefits of the online math homework system ASSISTments developed by WPI’s Neil Heffernan, professor of computer science and director of the Learning Sciences and Technologies PhD program.

Who Owns Students’ Brain Power?

The Worcester Business Journal takes a look at the intellectual property policies at area colleges, with an interview with Todd Keiller, WPI’s director of intellectual property and innovation. 

Cyber Aggression Takes A Back Seat To Other Presidential Campaign Issues

NPR’s “All Tech Considered” interviews WPI cybersecurity expert and professor Susan Landau on why neither of the 2016 presidential candidates have discussed how the U.S. should handle foreign hackers.  "I think there is an underlying issue [that] Secretary Clinton is avoiding—I'm not sure it's hit the radar for Donald Trump—and that's the encryption issue," she says. 

WPI Researchers Seek Better Way for Manufacturers to Dry Products

A new multi-university research center led by WPI, is aiming to dramatically reduce energy and water usage, while also increasing the economic competitiveness of a broad spectrum of industries by bringing innovations to one of the most energy-intensive aspects of manufacturing: drying.

To Avoid Giving Some Scholarships To Test-Takers Only, WPI Backs Away From National Merit Award

Worcester Polytechnic Institute announced it will no longer participate in the National Merit Scholarship Award program.

Hundreds of girls go 'geek' on the WPI campus

The Geek is Glam STEM Expo on the WPI campus attracted more than 340 Girl Scouts in grades 4-8 from central and western Mass.

Future Engineers: It's Not Just About Circuits and Code

Alumni Martin Rowe explores the value of the WPI curriculum that balances creativity, technical skill, and diversity of perspectives in effective problem solving. Rowe interviewed Chrystanthe Demetry, associate professor of mechanical engineering; Michael Gennert, professor and director of robotics engineering; John Orr, director of sustainability and professor emeritus of electrical and computer engineering; and Richard Vaz, director of interdisciplinary global studies division,


MassChallenge Unveils its Top 26 Startups for 2016

Battery Resources, co-founded by WPI professors Diran Apelian and Yan Wang, has been named a finalist in MassChallenge’s  2016 Top Startups. Battery Resources recycles spent lithium-ion batteries into cathode materials, which can be used in new batteries. 

One Election-System Vendor Uses Developers in Serbia

"Voting machines are privately manufactured and developed and, as with other many other IT systems, the code is typically proprietary,” said Suzanne Mello-Stark, associate teaching professor and forensic computer scientist .

Hardware Hack Defeats iPhone Passcode Security

BBC News quotes from the blog “Securing Phones and Securing Us (Revisited)” by WPI professor and cybersecurity expert Susan Landau on the issue of the government accessing encrypted information on iPhones. Landau wrote last week that the answer is not a bill allowing easier access but “instead we must increase law enforcement’s capabilities to handle encrypted communications and devices. 

We can’t base our kids’ futures on a few hours one random Saturday morning. That’s just one reason to drop the National Merit Scholarship Program

WPI takes a stand against a program that only factors students’ scores on the College Board’s PSAT citing university’s admissions process considers the “whole student”.

Top U.S. Colleges for Computer Science

WPI cracks the Top Ten list on computer science grads with the highest median salary.

STEM-based University Alliance Lands $3.5M NSF Grant

WPI joins UConn, Northeastern University, Tufts University, UMass, Amherst and University of Rhode Island in a higher education alliance focused on expanding diversity in STEM fields.

The 31 Colleges Where Students Go On to Earn the Highest Starting Salaries

PayScale looked at the starting and mid-career pay for over a million college grads — including professionals who graduated with a bachelor's from 963 colleges and universities. WPI tied for 15th place for grads with the highest starting salaries.

Bumblebees May Teach Smart Cars a Thing or Two

Alex Wyglinski, associate professor of electrical engineering and computer engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and his team of Ph.D. candidates and fellow faculty members are working to apply bumblebee communication methods to driverless cars.