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Big Data

Patricia Florissi

Vice President and Global Chief Technology Officer, EMC Sales

EMC Sales chief technology officer Patricia Florissi believes we are at a very exciting tipping point in history from a sociological and scientific perspective. In her presentation she will discuss how technology, and the availability of scientific and social data, are the result of a convergence of forces that will usher in a new era of scientific enlightenment and social revolution - and how Big Data is enabling and accelerating discoveries in science, and transforming the way we do business, work, and live. Similar to the changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution, many industries will cease to exist, new ones will be created, and others will reinvent themselves. Florissi believes that those at the forefront of technology will want to be more than passive observers in this transformation; they will want to be thought leaders who actively show the way toward innovation. Florissi holds a PhD in computer science from Columbia University and is an EMC Distinguished Engineer. She graduated, as valedictorian, with an MBA from New York University's Stern Business School. She earned an MS and BS in computer science from the Universidade Federal de Pernambuco in Brazil. Florissi holds multiple patents and has been published in periodicals, such as Computer Networks and IEEE Proceedings.

Patricia Florissi video presentation

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Ethics in Business: Is it an Oxymoron? A Student and University Perspective, November 2011

Michael E. Herman

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist

For Michael Herman, business ethics boils down to a basic rule: "Treat people as you would like to be treated." In this interactive presentation, he will illuminate the value of ethics in business and offer some guidelines for incorporating fairness and transparency into employee, customer, and stakeholder relationships. He'll even explore what higher education can learn about ethics from the world of business. Learn more about Michael Herman...

Michael E. Herman video presentation

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The Obligation of Knowledge, November 2010

Karen Kashmanian Oates

Peterson Family Dean of Arts and Sciences

What would you do if you knew that the nation’s economic vitality, security, and the quality of life for its citizens depended on a workforce who is literate in science and technology? Or, that well-informed and prepared teachers made a difference in a student’s self-efficacy and ability to learn? KAREN KASHMANIAN OATES will explore these questions and the obligation of the university and its community to respond, to act,and to make an impact.  Learn more about Dean Oates...

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Karen Oates speech

Karen Oates speech


Towards a Just Sustainability, November 2009

Julian Agyeman

Professor and Chair, Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning, Tufts University

Julian Agyeman is professor and chair of the Department of Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning at Tufts University. His expertise and current research interests are in three broad areas; the nexus between the concepts of environmental justice and sustainability and, specifically, the possibility of a just sustainability; the extent, complexity and pervasiveness of rural racism in Britain, its linkages to wider discourses of belonging, becoming, continuity, and change in racialised spaces and ultimately to discourses of nationhood; and the potential role of education for sustainability in delivering more just and sustainable futures. Learn more about Professor Agyeman...

Energy, CO2, and Climate Change: Technology for a Greenhouse World, November 2008

Dr. Franklin M. Orr Jr. 

Keleen and Carlton Beal Professor

Lynn Orr is the Keleen and Carlton Beal Professor in the Department of Energy Resources Engineering and Director of the Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford University.  Learn more about Dr. Orr...

Climate Change: Science, Economics, and Policy, November 2007

Ronald G. Prinn

TEPCO Professor of Atmospheric Science
Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences
Director, Center for Global Change Science
Co-Director, Joint Program on the Science and Policy of Global Change

Ronald Prinn is a respected researcher with interests that incorporate the chemistry, dynamics, and physics of the atmospheres of the Earth and other planets, and the chemical evolution of atmospheres.  Learn more about Ronald Prinn...

The Virtual Orchestra in Search of Human Bandwidth, November 2006 

Frederick W. Bianchi 

Composer, Music Technology Innovator, Professor of Music, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Bianchi, a noted composer and music technology pioneer, has been a member of the WPI faculty since 1994. His music has been performed throughout the United States and Europe, and his orchestral works have premiered at Carnegie Hall and the Kennedy Center.  Learn more about Professor Bianchi...

November 2005

Dean Kamen

Inventor, Physicist, and Entrepreneur

As an inventor and physicist, Dean Kamen has dedicated his life to developing technologies that help people lead better lives. As an inventor, he holds more than 200 U.S. and foreign patents, many of them for innovative medical devices that have expanded the frontiers of health care worldwide. Learn more about Dean Kamen...

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