Interim President
Affiliated Department or Office
Mechanical Engineering
PhD Materials Science and Metallurgy, Churchill College, Cambridge University 1988
BS Mechanical Engineering, King's College, London University 1985
Expert Bio

Professor Soboyejo serves as WPI's Provost and Senior Vice President. He is also a materials scientist whose research focuses on biomaterials and the use of nanoparticles for the detection and treatment of disease, the mechanical properties of materials, and the use of materials science to promote global development. His current projects include the use of nanomaterials for targeting and treating cancer; the development of low cost solar cells/light emitting devices; and sustainable approaches to providing clean water, affordable housing and education to people in the developing world. He also lists impressive accomplishments in international development and a noteworthy track record in building global research and educational partnerships.

Media Coverage

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The Business Journals

Provost Wolo Soboyejo was interviewed for the article which appeared in The Business Journals chain of newspapers across the country, including in Washington, Denver, Albany, and Memphis. “I think this is a conversation that our peers should be having across the country,” Soboyejo said. “I think it's an important dialogue that could really help shape the future of higher ed. How do we give security and academic freedom to faculty so that they can engage our students in environments that are truly transformative?”

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