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Experts on built environment

Carrick McAfee Eggleston

Professor Eggleston's research is focused on natural materials and how they interact with the environment in which we live. His teaching interests include scientific and technical aspects of geochemistry, solar energy and... Read More

Aaron R. Sakulich

Professor Sakulich's research focuses on developing new, more durable materials for use in infrastructure, which will lead to a lowered maintenance burden, improved user safety, and a reduced environmental impact. For... Read More

Albert  Simeoni
Albert Simeoni
Professor and Department Head
Fire Protection Engineering

Professor Simeoni is a renowned expert in wildfires. His research focuses on the unusual or poorly understood fire behavior that leads to high impact on people and property. The increase in the severity of wildland and... Read More

Sarah  Strauss

Professor Strauss offers a wide array of expertise in health-related aspects of human interaction with the environment. She has studied climate change and sustainability issues focusing on perception and behavior related to... Read More