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Experts on Epigenetics

Tanja  Dominko
Tanja Dominko
Professor-Biological Science
Biology & Biotechnology

Professor Dominko's research focuses on stem cell biology, nuclear reprogramming and gene expression, epigenetics, regenerative biology and stem cell niche. Her lab investigates the molecular basis of phenotype switching... Read More

Benjamin  Nephew
Benjamin Nephew
Assistant Research Professor-Biology & Biotechnology
Biology & Biotechnology

Professor Nephew's work is broadly focused on identifying and studying neurobehavioral mechanisms of mental illness and developing effective interventions. Research areas include mindfulness-based stress reduction to... Read More

Scarlet  Shell
Scarlet Shell
Associate Professor-Biological Science
Biology & Biotechnology

Much of Professor Shell's research centers around tuberculosis. She studies the stress response mechanisms that allow mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium tuberculosis to survive the conditions encountered during human... Read More