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Experts on fire

Nicholas A. Dembsey

Professor Dembsey's research focuses on the building performance applications of fire dynamics, fire characteristics of materials and fire models. Study areas include: closing the fire performance gap in buildings; fire... Read More

Milosh T. Puchovsky
Milosh T. Puchovsky
Professor of Practice & Associate Department Head
Fire Protection Engineering

Professor Puchovsky is an expert on fire protection systems, means of egress and associated regulatory requirements. He possesses 30 plus years of experience in the field having designed and evaluated a wide range of active... Read More

Ali S. Rangwala

Professor Rangwala's research interests include problems related to industrial fire and explosions. He has worked on topics such as deflagration of combustible dust clouds, ignition behavior of combustible dust layers, in-situ... Read More

Albert  Simeoni
Albert Simeoni
Professor and Department Head
Fire Protection Engineering

Professor Simeoni is a renowned expert in wildfires. His research focuses on the unusual or poorly understood fire behavior that leads to high impact on people and property. The increase in the severity of wildland and... Read More

James  Urban

Professor Urban's research is focused on the physical processes controlling whether or not flammable material ignites and then understanding how it burns. Much of this research has focused on small, hot objects such as... Read More