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Experts on heat transfer

Jagannath  Jayachandran

Professor Jayachandran's research is focused on understanding fundamental aspects of reacting flows at thermodynamic conditions of relevance to aircraft, rocket, and automobile propulsion. One aspect of his research... Read More

Adam Clayton Powell

Professor Powell focuses his research on validated mathematical modeling of metal process development for clean energy and energy efficiency. His research group is developing new projects whose goals are to reduce vehicle body... Read More

Richard D. Sisson

Professor Sisson's main research interest is the application of the fundamentals of diffusion kinetics, modeling and thermodynamics to the solution of materials problems. He is currently working on the heat treatment of... Read More

Jamal  Yagoobi
Jamal Yagoobi
George I. Alden Professor and Head of Mechanical and Materials Engineering Department
Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Professor Yagoobi conducts theoretical, numerical, and experimental research in the areas of heat transfer, fluid mechanics, liquid/vapor phase change, thermodynamics, and design of thermal systems. He is also the director of... Read More