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Experts on partial differential equations

Luca  Capogna
Luca Capogna
Professor-Mathematical Science
Mathematical Sciences

Professor Capogna seeks to understand the properties of solutions of partial differential equations, which model real life phenomena (under-actuated controls, as when a robot has fewer actuators than degrees of freedom, or... Read More

John A. Goulet

As coordinator of the Master of Mathematics for Educators program, long a part of the WPI Mathematical Sciences Department, professor John Goulet helps many secondary math teachers to gain a better appreciation of the depth and... Read More

Sarah D Olson
Sarah D Olson
Professor & Department Head-Mathematical Science
Arts & Sciences

Professor Olson explores development of mathematical and computational models to understand emergent phenomenon in biological systems. Applications include tissue engineering, micro-organism motility, muscle contraction, and... Read More

Adam Clayton Powell

Professor Powell focuses his research on validated mathematical modeling of metal process development for clean energy and energy efficiency. His research group is developing new projects whose goals are to reduce vehicle body... Read More