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Experts on scientific computing

Joseph D. Fehribach
Joseph D. Fehribach
Professor-Mathematical Science
Mathematical Sciences

Fehribach's research interests include Kirchhoff graphs, applied differential equations, and scientific computing. He is interested in addressing how more precise modeling and understanding of COVID-19 will be possible... Read More

Sarah D Olson
Sarah D Olson
Professor & Department Head-Mathematical Science
Arts & Sciences

Professor Olson explores development of mathematical and computational models to understand emergent phenomenon in biological systems. Applications include tissue engineering, micro-organism motility, muscle contraction, and... Read More

Carlo  Pinciroli
Carlo Pinciroli
Assistant Professor of Robotics Engineering and Assistant Professor of Fire Protection Engineering
Robotics Engineering

Professor Pinciroli's research focuses on designing innovative tools for swarm robotics. The ultimate goal of my work is to create a resilient, easily deployable hardware/software robotic infrastructure for dangerous... Read More