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Experts on Ukraine crisis

Russia’s war on Ukraine has created a humanitarian crisis forced millions of people to flee, and put the entire world on edge. WPI experts on Ukraine crisis are available to discuss the war from the perspectives of life on the ground in Ukraine, international relations, and governmental policy.

Crystal  Brown
Crystal Brown
Assistant Professor-Social Science
Social Science & Policy Studies

Professor Brown’s research focuses on international relations, comparative immigration and integration policies, human rights, refugees, race/ethnicity and politics, and international security studies. She is most... Read More

Renata  Konrad
Renata Konrad
Associate Professor-Business
The Business School

Professor Konrad recently returned from a Fulbright scholarship in Lviv, Ukraine, where she exchanged offices and homes with a professor at a Ukrainian university. She studies the application of industrial engineering and... Read More

Sarah Eliza Stanlick

Sarah Stanlick, Ph.D., is an assistant professor in The Global School at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Her research interests include vulnerable populations, health and human rights, global and local citizenship, and... Read More

Andrew C Trapp
Andrew C Trapp
Associate Professor
The Business School

Prof. Trapp's research areas include placement optimization in refugee resettlement, human trafficking, and foster care. Given the recent events in Ukraine he can provide insight into the following: