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Michael Dorsey Portrait.

Mike Dorsey Retires

The WPI Journal says goodbye to a dear comrade

June 24, 2019

With sad but grateful hearts, we bid farewell to longtime WPI Journal team member Michael Dorsey, who retires in June. For every quandary that arose in our office, there was a simple fix: “Ask Mike.” Whether it was for ethical guidance, a vintage photo, or a far-fetched fact (“Who was that guy who invented that thing that does I-don’t-remember-what?”)—he knew. And his enthusiasm always inspired us to learn more.

Over three and a half decades, “MWD” made WPI’s light shine, never seeking a single lumen of recognition for himself. He embraced science and technology. And life. He not only trumpeted WPI’s stellar research—he understood it. He got the story, no matter how complex, and he told it, in astonishingly clear, comprehensible prose—in print and online—capitalizing on new media as quickly as they emerged. True to plan, he stepped up for special projects, all while herding WPI Journal through numerous transformations. He was an undetectable force, underpinning the quality you expect on these pages.

None of the above was incompatible with being fun to work with. We will miss our generous, warm-hearted colleague, whose sly humor lurked beneath a gentle demeanor.

Qapla’, good friend. Live long and prosper. And keep in touch.

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