Robots Are the Future: Publications and Business Leaders Foresee a Technology Revolution

WPI’s announcement of the nation’s first bachelor’s degree program in robotics engineering coincides with a flurry of coverage in national publications about the extraordinary future of robotics, a revolution that is set to dramatically change the world and improve our lives. WPI’s new interdisciplinary program is designed to prepare a new breed of engineer with the knowledge, skills, experience, entrepreneurial bent, and vision to meet the challenge of inventing, designing, and building tomorrow’s robots and robotic systems.
Here are just a few examples of this media coverage:

A Robot in Every Home: In this essay in the current issue of Scientific American, Microsoft founder Bill Gates says that the field of robotics is set for an explosion not unlike the advent of the personal computer 25 years ago.

The Robots Are Coming!: As part of a look at some of the today’s most important technology innovators, Forbes magazine notes that robots are poised to move from the lab and factory floor and into our everyday lives. “Expect them everywhere,” the story says.

The Future of Robots: Tomorrow's Domestic Help at Your Service: In this report in PC Magazine, the writers portray a world just around the corner where robots do all of our domestic chores.

Robots: The Future is Now: This report on CNN.com looks ahead to a time in the very near future when robots become homemakers, surgeons, “our teachers, policemen and even soldiers.”

December 21, 2006

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