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[TURNING point] Ntohmchukwu Izuchi '09 '11

July 9, 2018

Ntohmchukwu IzuchiNtohmchukwu Izuchi ’09 (management engineering) and '11 (biomedical engineering) is the son of Nigerian immigrants who met in the US while attending college. His professor father and microbiologist mother had high expectations for NT (as he's called). And although his path has shifted from engineer to internet marketing guru, they have every right to be proud of his young career.

NT arrived at WPI from STEM-focused O’Bryant School of Math and Science in Boston. It was basketball coach Chris Bartley who offered what he felt could be a long-term leadership role within the WPI community. “Committing to WPI wasn’t a very hard decision when Chris recruited me to play for and represent the university as a student-athlete,” he recalls.

Initially drawn to a management engineering degree due to its dynamic curriculum, he was exposed to a multitude of business-related disciplines, especially ones with an entrepreneurial spirit. “It was a physiology and engineering class taught by Professor [Glenn] Gaudette, mixed with a bit of encouragement from my super-supportive parents, that really solidified my desire to dive deep into biomedical engineering and take it on as a second major.”

Upon graduation in 2011, Izuchi entered the engineering field, earned a master's degree from Brown, and added “ghostwriter” for an executive leadership team to his growing resume. But something was missing. “While each experience helped me grow as an individual and taught me invaluable lessons,” he says, “they also left big question marks about my life goals and the impact I wanted to make.”

During this turning point, Izuchi looked back on the lessons learned at WPI. From the classes he took, to the support of his teammates, to those who mentored him along the way, he says he realized that although diligence and relentless dedication to your personal development is essential, contributing to the growth of others is a much more attractive characteristic.

“I believe one of the distinguishing factors between good engineers and great ones is the ability to see the challenges at hand from an unconventional perspective,” he says, "and to reverse engineer the current solutions to create better, more innovative ones that address the direst of challenges.”

Izuchi credits his successful transition to online business coach as the pure result of reverse engineering, “not based on the direction I wanted to take my career, but on the direction I wanted to take my life.”

Now as a video content influencer, he helps entrepreneur coaches and consultants create video content for social media to broaden their reach and establish themselves as credible experts in their respective industries. “I’m a firm believer in doing things that you love and enjoy,” he says. “It’s also doing those things with passion, and—from a personal standpoint—digital marketing, using social media to deliver powerful messages, personal growth, and leadership development all fall into that category.” 

A mission-critical task for Izuchi at the moment is to continue to grow his business coaching practice at by way of guiding and presenting others with the opportunity to make their passion and life-calling a career. He is also seeking mentors, mentees, public speaking engagements at business events such as Hubspot’s Inbound 2018 “or,” he points out, “anywhere that my message may inspire people to be the best version of themselves.”

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