WPI students (from left) Tyler Weiss, Sarah St. Pierre, Donald Dione and Kylie Dickinson were involved in a flood management project in Shkodër,  Albania.

WPI Featured in The New York Times for its Distinctive Global Projects Program

June 7, 2019

The New York Times has featured Worcester Polytechnic Institute in its June 2019 “Learning” special section, which focused on innovation in global learning programs.

The article, titled “From Albania to Singapore, U.S. Students Look for Tailored Experiences Abroad,” appeared in the June 7, 2019, issue of The New York Times, and focused on the impact of global projects on students at a number of universities. WPI’s distinctive project-based learning educational model stood out as one that puts students into learning environments that challenge them to innovate, think critically, and stretch beyond even their own expectations of themselves. The article included multiple photos of WPI students and insight from WPI leaders and students.

Times contributing reporter Laura Pappano spent half a day at WPI earlier this spring to interview WPI administrators as well as a dozen students about the real-world benefits and value of WPI’s signature Global Projects Program.



WPI student Sarah St. Pierre leads a team of students from the University of Shkodër in an interactive card game she and her peers created called “Before the Flood.”

Among those Pappano interviewed were four WPI students who shared their experiences in developing flood risk management strategies for impacted communities in Shkodër, Albania; as well as four WPI students (via Zoom web conference) who were teaching science to disadvantaged children in Windhoek, Namibia. Pappano also spoke with two first-generation students and two students preparing for their Interactive Qualifying Project.

The article also quoted WPI President Laurie Leshin who said, “This is about solving an open-ended problem in an entirely different culture, in an entirely different location without friends and family.”