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Ama Biney

WPI Insider with Ama Biney

September 26, 2017

Worcester native Ama Biney ’18 (management engineering with a concentration in operations) is a team player. We’re not just talking about her generous personality here, but also her place on the rosters of two varsity teamsbasketball and softball.

As a high school senior, Biney struggled with many decisions —which college to attend, what to study, what sport(s) to play, even what division to strive for within her chosen sport. On her second visit to WPI, she spoke with associate athletic director and women’s basketball head coach Cherise Galasso and softball head coach Whitney Goldstein. Both coaches spoke of the community and culture at WPI in a way that resonated with Biney.

“They genuinely wanted to help me make a decision that was best for me, even if that meant not going to WPI,” she recalls. “Understanding that type of selflessness and maturity combined with the long-lasting tradition of WPI, drew me to fall in love with the school and ultimately enroll.”

Biney says her athletics involvement has offered her a new level of growth. “Through sports here at WPI, I have been able to sharpen my leadership skills and instincts. Also, I have been able to create many bonds and even spark different job opportunities.”

Her secret to juggling two teams on top of her school and extracurricular activities? Stay on schedule and be a good teammate.

“Whenever I am finding myself lazy, I think of my teammates,” she says. “If I can’t work hard for my team, then that overall trust is broken. We all must continue to do the right thing even when no one is watching.”

This hard-working student also finds time to volunteer weekly (through the basketball team) at Elm Park Community School as part of the Big Brother Big Sister Program; she is a member of the Black Student Union; and she has been accepted to the Trustee Mentor Program.

Her biggest surprise so far has been the overwhelming support from the many diverse groups across campus, she says. “Many people—from individuals in the student body to professors to even the president—are engaged in all that the students are doing. They are so quick to offer support and congratulations when it is needed or deserved.”

After graduation, Biney has her sights on either becoming a grad assistant at WPI while she obtains her MS or landing a job at a company as a program manager or business analyst. No matter which path she takes, Biney is on a stellar winning streak.

Honorable Mentions

Crimson and Gray Award • Trustee Mentor Program • Dean’s List • Academic All-American •
Black Student Union • Investing Association • APICS Organization