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Preview An illustration of energy technologies that could address climate change.
Climate Tech Research

Untapped Energy

WPI researchers are developing novel ideas to tackle the urgent need for technologies that will address climate change. 
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Faculty members and senior administrators are available to offer ideas, opinions, analysis, and commentary on issues ranging from higher education to current events, trending topics, and breaking news.

Preview Emily Molstad ’19, MS ’19, Caleb Ralphs ’20, MS ’21, and Ben Longo ’20 on a construction site.
University Magazine

Digging Deep

Emily Molstad ’19, MS ’19, Caleb Ralphs ’20, MS ’21, and Ben Longo ’20 are the brains behind Worcester-based VALIS Insights, Inc., which is using artificial intelligence and machine learning in a groundbreaking bid to identify and recycle metals that—beyond producing harmful carbon emissions during manufacturing—also clog landfills. Read more about their work in the Spring 2024 issue of the WPI Journal.

Research News

A New Spin on Wheelchair Training

"We want to emphasize there are public spaces that are actually inaccessible to powered-wheelchair users, and to contribute to efforts to make our society more accessible to everyone"—See how  faculty and students from WPI and UMass Lowell have created a virtual reality-based simulator that provides effective training in safe settings for new power wheelchair users.

Student Newspaper

Tech News

Tech News (formerly known as The Towers) is WPI’s student-run weekly newspaper covering the latest local, national, and international news; community events; campus activities; and issues impacting WPI students. It is one of the oldest recognized student groups on campus. New issues are available on Tuesdays both digitally and in newsstands across campus.

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