Master of Fine Arts in Interactive Media & Game Development (MFA)

Develop your creative practice and personal voice as an artist in IMGD. The Master of Fine Arts program offers a terminal degree through WPI’s renowned IMGD program where our academic approach, resources, and connections will refine your artistic practice and innovate using new creative technologies with WPI’s new MFA in IMGD.

Computational Media (PhD)

Conduct interdisciplinary research that will shape the future of computationally based creative expression. Housed in WPI’s Interactive Media & Game Development program (IMGD), WPI’s new PhD in computational media provides space and expertise for students to research computational approaches that reflect, inspire, and shape human creativity and new media.

Minor in Financial Technology (Fintech)

What is fintech? WPI’s new minor in financial technology gives you the information you need to prepare for a career path in FinTech. Undergraduates who want to expand their knowledge of the fintech industry will find the 6-course FinTech minor offers information to complement their technical degrees. You’ll learn how the business issues around changing technology and the financial world intersect.

Headshot of Student Jordan Jones

Jordan J

PhD student in Biomedical Engineering

Happy Diploma Day, Class of 2020

Celebrating the Class of 2020

This Career Goat has Gone Remote!

mona elokda

Mona E.

Senior, BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
chloe adler-mandile

Chloe A.

Senior, BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering
jiayi jiang

Jiayi J.

Senior, BS in Electrical & Computer Engineering