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A minor in Materials Engineering gives you a broad understanding of the issues surrounding materials science and the impact on the design, processing, and performance of systems around us. Engineers and scientists who understand the properties of materials and how those properties change due to processing are better prepared to make accurate decisions.

Manufacturing Engineering Minor

Manufacturing processes are essential to every society and a minor in the field gives you an understanding of the production, processing, manufacuturability, and quality of products to make the process and the product better.

Management Information Systems Minor

Law & Technology Minor

If you’re thinking about law school, a minor in Law & Technology at WPI prepares you for that next step. Combined with your technical major, you’ll be proficient in technical and scientific issues but also know how to effectively translate these issues in the legal system.

International & Global Studies Minor

Interactive Media & Game Development Minor

WPI’s minor in Interactive Media and Game Development (IMGD) enables students to explore their interests in gaming and push the boundaries of new forms of media.

Industrial Engineering Minor

History Minor

Foreign Language Minor

Environmental & Sustainability Studies Minor

WPI’s minor in Environmental & Sustainability Studies is for students eager to make the connections between their technical know-how and the challenges of social and environmental issues.