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Biology Minor

Bioinformatics & Computational Biology Minor

WPI’s minor in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology (BCB) will increase your understanding of how mathematics and computer science can be applied to solve critical biological problems.

Biochemistry Minor

Merging chemistry and biology, WPI’s minor in Biochemistry will enable you to expand your knowledge of living organisms by exploring the chemical processes that give rise to and sustain life, from understanding how cells respond to medications to investigating more efficient means of photosynthesis.

Astrophysics Minor

If you’re a stargazer who often wonders about all the stars and other solar systems in the skies, WPI’s Physics Department offers a minor in Astrophysics that will give you expertise with the continuing evolution of the universe.

Architectural Engineering Minor

Aerospace Engineering Minor

MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)

The MEng in Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) program at WPI lets you focus on one of several specialty areas or obtain a more broad-based graduate education, combined with courses from the Foisie Business School.

Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering

We are passionate learners here, so if you want to hone in on a specialty in the Biomedical Engineering industry, our Master of Engineering in Biomedical Engineering program gives you that flexibility. With a course-based curriculum that appeals to entrepreneurial engineers of all disciplines, you’ll find the program gives you the biomedical engineering expertise to advance in your industry.

Civil Engineering (MEng)

WPI’s ABET-accredited MEng in Civil Engineering program is a practice-oriented degree designed to prepare you for career success by developing core fundamental knowledge and applied teamwork and leadership skills. You can choose from two concentrations: Master Builder, designed for engineering and construction professionals who want to become more effective team leaders, and Environmental, which focuses on water resources, pollution prevention, and municipal and industrial treatment processes.

Systems Engineering Online (MS)

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