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System Dynamics & Innovation Management (MS)

The innovative MS in System Dynamics and Innovation Management program at WPI is for anyone passionate about combining system dynamics with business innovation. This joint-degree program is granted by the Social Science and Policy Studies Department and the Foisie Business School.

Society, Technology & Policy (BS)

The BS in Society, Technology & Policy Program (STP) at WPI puts you on the cutting edge of global issues where society and technology merge. You will dive into current critical problems like cybersecurity, immigration policies, global health, environmental regulations around waterways, or the political systems in the United States and other countries.

PhD in Robotics Engineering

WPI’s PhD in Robotics Engineering is one of the few worldwide where students can earn a doctorate in the field. We take robotics seriously, yet our approach is creative and innovative. Our world-class facilities and industry-leading faculty encourage originality and allow candidates to lead novel, cutting-edge research that crosses disciplines.

Master's in Robotics Engineering

WPI’s master's in the robotics engineering department is a leading, first-of-its-kind graduate degree in the nation and an internationally lauded academic program. And for all the serious research that goes on here, we encourage imaginative and creative work with robots. On a campus located in the heart of New England’s robotics industry, you’ll work on innovative robotics projects from the get-go alongside influential and renowned faculty in our state-of-the-art labs.

Bachelor’s Degree in Robotics Engineering

Robotics Engineering students at WPI do much more than actually study robots—they build them, interact with them, explore their design and function, and push them to their limits. With the first-of-its-kind bachelor’s degree in robotics engineering in the nation (and one of the first to offer graduate degrees in robotics engineering), our department is built with aspiring robotics professionals in mind.

Psychology (BS)

The BS in Psychological Science program at WPI offers a unique learning experience. You’ll develop your social science studies while building a strong research portfolio and a valuable scientific skill set from your very first courses.

Writing (Professional) (BS)

No matter the industry, communication is key. WPI’s BS in Professional Writing prepares students to become professionals who can translate technological knowledge and discoveries into accessible, meaningful information for the public.

Physics for Educators (MPED)

Current physics teachers find WPI’s Master of Science in Physics for Educators program is just what they need to advance their careers, deepen their content knowledge, reignite their passion for their field, and encourage their students to discover the joys of physics.

Physics (PhD)

The PhD in Physics program at WPI covers the full spectrum of research in the field with particular emphasis on Biophysics and Nanoscience. You’ll be well positioned to lead transformative research in our state-of-the-art labs.

Physics (MS)

The MS of Physics program at WPI combines essential theoretical knowledge of physics principles with boundary-pushing research to equip you with the skills you need to pose and answer important questions and then solve problems in settings as varied as a pharmaceutical lab to a lecture hall.