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Physics (BS)

The BS in Physics program at WPI encourages your passion for asking the big questions and solving perplexing puzzles that face humanity. With our engaged faculty and our individualized approach, you’ll explore your interests and find your own path in Physics.

Master's in Operations Management & Analytics

Mechanical Engineering (PhD)

The PhD in Mechanical Engineering program at WPI allows you to advance your studies and contribute original research to your chosen focus. Our flexible, multidisciplinary curriculum and extensive industry connections let you pursue the most appropriate and tailored path to exceed your career goals and address the major engineering challenges of the 21st century.

Master's in Mechanical Engineering

Graduate students in WPI’s master's in mechanical engineering program don’t just ask “why,” they ask “why not?” If you’re a passionate innovator, builder, and problem solver, the collaborative and inspiring environment will help you tackle society’s most critical engineering challenges whether in research or industry.

Mechanical Engineering (BS)

WPI’s BS in Mechanical Engineering program provides you with the essential skills and experiences to explore mechanical engineering’s diverse opportunities. Fifty percent of our mechanical engineering requirements are electives, so you’ll choose an academic path targeted at what interests you most.

Mathematics for Educators: Master’s in Math Education

WPI’s Master of Mathematics for Educators (MME) program is tailored to mathematics educators who want to strengthen their content knowledge and develop engaging classroom activities. Designed for middle school and high school math teachers and community college instructors seeking an advanced degree, the master’s in math education is flexible and streamlined.

PhD in Mathematical Sciences

When you pursue a PhD in Mathematical Sciences at WPI, you join a vibrant community of faculty members, postdoctoral researchers, and students who are creating new knowledge and applying their expertise to solve to complex, real-world problems.

Mathematical Sciences (BS)

What can you do with an undergraduate degree in Mathematical Sciences from WPI?

Materials Science & Engineering (PhD)

In WPI’s PhD in Materials Science & Engineering program, you’ll conduct original research on the relationships between the structure, properties, processing, and performance of various materials. Whether you want to create a safer battery or a hip replacement joint that won’t degrade, you can do that here.

Master's in Material Science & Engineering

WPI’s full-time or part-time masters in material science lets you work among many disciplines to learn how best to work with, develop, and improve the uses of a nearly endless arrangement of materials in scales such as nano, micro, and macro.