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Materials Process Engineering (MS)

Please note that the Materials Process Engineering MS program is not currently accepting new students. Students in this field are encouraged to check out other WPI programs in Manufacturing Engineering, Materials Science & Engineering, and Mechanical Engineering.

Master’s in Marketing & Innovation

Manufacturing Engineering (PhD)

Students in WPI’s Manufacturing Engineering PhD program want to develop and test new techniques for industrial processes and make manufacturing solutions more efficient, more cost effective, and more environmentally friendly. As the global markets seek production methods that are safer for people and the environment, you’ll be on the cutting edge of researching new options in a rapidly changing and technically complex world.

Manufacturing Engineering (MS)

WPI’s MS in Manufacturing Engineering program gives you the skills and the knowledge to turn product ideas into functioning products that can be brought to the global market with improved cost, effectiveness, and sustainability.

Management Information Systems (BS)

Management Engineering (BS)

Masters in Management

Business (BS)

A major in business at WPI’s Foisie Business School prepares you to be the kind of tech-savvy problem-solver that rises to leadership in technology-based organizations.

Liberal Arts & Engineering (BA)

Learning Sciences & Technologies (PhD)

Doctoral candidates in WPI’s Interdisciplinary Learning Sciences & Technologies program merge social science and educational psychology with computer science to forge inroads into improving educational processes and outcomes both in and out of schools. Our research propels high-quality educational research and technology forward with world-renowned faculty and well-funded and supported research opportunities that help bridge the gap between research, practice, and policy.