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Master’s in Financial Mathematics

Distinguished by its mathematically rigorous course content and direct applications to industry, WPI’s Professional Master’s in Financial Mathematics will prepare you for a successful career in the financial services industry.

Environmental Engineering (MS)

The MS in Environmental Engineering program at WPI is designed with your unique needs in mind. Our flexible curriculum lets you focus on your interests and goals in areas like physicochemical treatment processes, treatment of industrial wastes, and storm water quality control.

Environmental Engineering (BS)

The interdisciplinary nature of the BS in Environmental Engineering program at WPI offers you the flexibility to tailor your degree to your interests and career goals, choosing the perfect blend of courses from civil engineering and chemical engineering.

Environmental & Sustainability Studies (BA)

The BA of Environmental & Sustainability Studies program at WPI gives you the intensive technological and social training to prepare you to solve the complex environmental problems of our time — particularly the consequences of human-induced changes to the environment.

Applied Physics (BS)

WPI’s BS in Applied Physics program blends physics, engineering, and mathematics, guiding you to understand the common threads among the principles and theories of each and apply them to practical devices and systems.

Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD

The Electrical & Computer Engineering PhD (ECE) program at WPI inspires graduate students to deeply explore, investigate, and uncover groundbreaking research in the field.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Master’s Degree

The Electrical & Computer Engineering master’s degree program at WPI offers extensive and rewarding research opportunities to advance your expertise in your specialty. With master’s courses for ECE students offered on campus or online, you’ll have the flexibility to earn your degree full-time or part-time around your professional obligations.

Electrical & Computer Engineering (BS)

Our long tradition of hands-on work means you’ll be immersed in cutting-edge projects that impact our world—like design of electronic circuits for use in wearable medical and health sensors, autonomous vehicles, solar-powered devices, and cybersecurity—from your first courses.

Economics (BS)

At WPI, students in the BS in Economic Science program approach the study of economics through the use of innovative computational tools. We believe students learn by doing, so the program’s strict adherence to rigorous methodological standards for economic experimentation and problem solving will give you valuable and practical skills for addressing real-world challenges.

Data Science (PhD)

One of the first programs of its kind, in the nation, WPI’s interdisciplinary PhD program in Data Science recognizes that traditional data processing applications can no longer handle today’s large and complex datasets. New models are needed to handle big data; and knowledgeable graduates with expertise in turning those observations into meaningful recommendations are in high demand.