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Master's in Data Science

WPI is one of only a handful of universities offering a master's in data science that prepares graduates to work in the rapidly expanding field.

Construction Project Management (MS)

WPI’s interdisciplinary master of science in Construction Project Management (MS CPM) will prepare you to manage complex construction projects at every stage, from resource planning and risk mitigation to reporting.

PhD in Computer Science

WPI’s PhD in Computer Science program has built an international reputation for research excellence over the past 40 years, providing you with extensive opportunities to work side by side with interdisciplinary researchers at the forefront of innovations that are shaping the discipline.

MS in Computer Science

By choosing WPI’s MS in Computer Science, you immediately become part of our international reputation for innovative excellence, advancing the ever-growing computer science field, and working beside principal investigators in the labs and in collaboration with industry partners. Your work ventures outside of the ordinary at WPI, incorporating core CS competencies with research in areas like artificial intelligence, data mining, learning sciences, game development, mobile computing, and security.

Civil Engineering (PhD)

WPI’s PhD in civil engineering immerses you in rigorous studies and research, pushing you to cross boundaries even as you define an area of focus, be it construction project management, environmental engineering, highway infrastructure, structural engineering, or geotechnical engineering.

Civil Engineering (MS)

WPI’s MS in Civil Engineering program prepares you to build a better future for people and the planet. Your experience at WPI combines team-based collaboration,  immersive research, and state-of-the-art equipment and lab space, positioning you alongside your peers and faculty who are working on solutions to critical societal problems.

Civil Engineering (BS)

Chemistry (PhD)

Emphasizing rigorous and meaningful research in diverse topics like nanotechnology, biomedical sensors, and clean energy, WPI’s PhD program in Chemistry prepares students to transition seamlessly to meet real-world challenges.

Chemistry (MS)

WPI’s coursework-based MS degree in Chemistry can be either a part-time or full-time, thesis or non-thesis, program designed for targeted, in-depth investigations in advanced topics in modern chemistry. Our flexible plan of study and individualized advising helps you tailor the program to your interests and career goals.

Chemistry (BS)

As you work toward earning a bachelor of science in chemistry at WPI, you will do much more than learn about chemical processes and materials—you will gain hands-on experiences using them to make exciting discoveries about the world around us.