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PhD in Chemical Engineering

Master’s in Chemical Engineering

WPI’s master’s in Chemical Engineering engages you in important global research with off-site programs that are almost always international, so you can see impact of technology advancing society, from improving the speed and accuracy of medical diagnostics, to designing bioprocesses for producing anti-cancer drugs, to developing effective alternatives to fossil fuels.

Chemical Engineering (BS)

WPI’s BS in Chemical Engineering program welcomes you into a close-knit, collaborative atmosphere where teamwork, self-designed projects, and creativity are highly valued. Depending on your interests and your future goals, you’ll have a flexible curriculum that covers a number of disciplines within engineering, biology, chemistry, biomedicine and physics. You can specialize your focus even further a concentration in Biological, Energy, Environmental, or Materials.

Master’s Degree in Business Administration

WPI’s Master’s Degree in Business Administration for STEM Professionals is designed for those who want to leverage their STEM knowledge and work experience to bring them to the next level in their careers. Our blended program helps MBA students expand on their skill sets so with MBA courses and with hands-on projects so they develop a broader understanding of how technical and business issues are interconnected. Students gain expertise with organization, leadership, and managing resources—both human and financial.

Biomedical Engineering PhD

The Biomedical Engineering PhD at WPI offers a friendly, innovative, and collaborative environment that encourages an entrepreneurial spirit. You’ll work closely with world-class faculty on cutting-edge research projects that combine engineering studies with many biomedical disciplines.

Master’s in Biomedical Engineering

WPI’s master’s in Biomedical Engineering lets you tailor your studies so you can delve deeply into the groundbreaking research that helps you make advances in healthcare. Working on project-centered studies and collaborative research opportunities, you’ll apply engineering concepts to medicine and biology in ways that challenge and excite you.

Biomedical Engineering (BS)

If the idea of creating a device that offers ergonomic and accurate hypodermic drug delivery or finding an effective way to collect more umbilical cord blood is exciting to you, the BS in Biomedical Engineering (BME) program at WPI will let you do just that.

Biology & Biotechnology (PhD)

As a PhD student in WPI’s Biology and Biotechnology program, you will benefit from close mentorship by dynamic faculty who encourage creativity and inquisitiveness.

Biology & Biotechnology (MS)

WPI’s versatile master’s degree program in Biology and Biotechnology will give you the rigorous knowledge, practical skills, and hands-on experience needed to launch a successful career in the life sciences or prepare for a medical or doctoral program.

Biology & Biotechnology (BS)

Whether it’s combating debilitating diseases, developing clean energy sources, or helping feed the world, biotechnology uses our understanding of biological systems to solve global problems.