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PhD in Biochemistry

WPI’s PhD in Biochemistry will give you the interdisciplinary knowledge, rigorous research experience, and hands-on practice to thrive in today’s fast-paced and continually evolving Biochemistry research environment.

Master’s in Biochemistry

WPI’s coursework-based master’s in biochemistry is a part-time program designed for targeted, in-depth investigations in advanced topics in modern biochemistry. Our flexible plan of study and individualized advising helps you tailor the program to your interests and career goals.

Biochemistry (BS)

As a biochemistry major at WPI, you’ll study and unravel the complicated chemical processes of living organisms and make important discoveries at the intersection of chemistry and biology—all to make a real-world difference.

Architectural Engineering (BS)

Master’s in Applied Statistics

WPI’s Master’s in Applied Statistics will give you the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to tackle challenges of statistical design, analysis, and control that arise across a wide variety of fields.

Applied Mathematics (MS)

WPI’s MS in Applied Mathematics will prepare you to use mathematics to solve complex problems in a wide variety of fields. You will gain expertise in the mathematical applications most in demand today as you apply your knowledge to tackle challenges in science, engineering, business, computer science, and industry.

PhD in Aerospace Engineering

The PhD in Aerospace Engineering at WPI gives you the tools, facilities, and support to lead independent research and advance your professional capabilities into the technology and the science of aircraft and spacecraft. The degree program is flexible and offers both full-time and part-time options so you can earn your degree while keeping up with your current responsibilities.

Master’s in Aerospace Engineering

Whether you want to continue your career in industry or advance to an academic opportunity, WPI’s master’s in aerospace engineering provides the knowledge and research to help you follow your best path.

Aerospace Engineering (BS)

Are you thrilled by rockets in space or curious about the propulsion differences between fighter jets and commercial airlines?

We’re with you.

The Aerospace Engineering BS program at WPI is for the student who wants to build an exciting career around machines that fly and wants to get started doing that now. Whether it’s aircraft or spacecraft that captivates you, we understand your fascination and will give you the technical tools and knowledge to make a difference in business, government, or society in the aerospace field.