Financial Aid Information

Specific information about obtaining financial aid is available through the Office of Financial Aid.

Credits/Financial Aid

Financial aid listed on your eBill will be credited to your account upon completion of appropriate WPI award documents. In the event that requirements are not complete the Financial Aid may be cancelled and the student will be responsible for any outstanding balance due. A hold may also be placed on your account. All aid is applied to the student account and is allocated to charges due. No refund will be issued until all the funds are received and a credit is available. No refunds are issued if the student has Financial Aid and the TMS Payment Plan unless all payments from TMS have been received and the account has a credit balance.

Outside Financial Aid

Students receiving scholarship awards from outside sources may only deduct award amounts which will be paid in the current semester. Credit will be given upon receipt of funds from the grantor.

Estimated Financial Aid

Students receiving state scholarships, approved Stafford Direct Student Loans, or PELL Grants must complete the appropriate documents with WPI before a credit will be given.

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