Student Calling Center

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When the telephone rings and it's a student from WPI, you'll want to take the call.

 Our student callers are living the WPI experience today. You'll be glad that you took the time to hear about "dear Worcester Tech" through the eyes of today's students.

WPI student callers are on the phones five nights a week throughout most of the academic year. Our callers are looking forward to speaking with you! If you would like to meet them you can find them on our Student Caller Who's Who page.

Why Do They Call?

The WPI Student Calling Center is one of WPI's strongest fundraising efforts annually. WPI students contact alumni, parents, and friends on behalf of the WPI Fund. While they speak with you, they will update your records, share recent happenings around campus, and request financial support for the university. Our callers are committed to continuing to improve the WPI experience for themselves and for future WPI students.

They can accomplish this by strengthening relationships between alumni and the university, and by increasing alumni participation in the WPI Fund. Whether you give $20, $100, or $2,000, each gift makes a significant impact on WPI and its students. No matter what you decide to contribute, remember that your participation is what matters most of all, and whatever that contribution might be, it will help to increase our alumni giving participation. A higher alumni giving participation rate can help WPI move up in rankings, resulting in your degree holding greater value and prestige.

How to Give

When the students from the WPI Student Calling Center contact you, they will be able to securely process your gift over the phone. If you miss the call, or would prefer not to give to WPI over the phone, you may use one of the following options:


To make a gift online, use the secure online form.


You may send your check, payable to WPI, to:

Office of Annual Giving
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
100 Institute Road
Worcester, MA 01609-2280

Student Employment

WPI student callers are full-time WPI students who work throughout the academic year and part of the summer, securing unrestricted money and thanking alumni for recent gifts.  If you have excellent communication skills and want to have fun reaching out to members of the WPI community, contact Beth Alletto at 508-831-5180.