The Commonwealth of Massachusetts mandates that every full-time and part-time student enrolled in an institution of higher learning in Massachusetts must participate in a student health program or in a health benefit plan with comparable coverage. A part-time student is defined as a student participating in at least 75% of the full-time curriculum.

All qualified students will be charged for the health insurance on their eBill.
Students may waive their right to participate in the WPI health insurance plan if proof of comparable coverage is provided by completing a waiver online. The health insurance waiver will automatically be credited to the student's account upon the submission and receipt of the waiver information, provided the information is submitted by published deadlines. Completing a waiver is an annual requirement. You will not receive an updated bill and should remove the insurance charge from your eBill after the waiver has been completed and submitted.

All eligible students are automatically enrolled in the health insurance plan provided by WPI if an online health insurance waiver is not completed by the billing due date on the e-Bill, and will be responsible for the associated fee. Students are charged in the fall for the full year unless they are admitted in the spring semester.


  • Health information sent to the Health Center or Athletic Office does not absolve the student of submitting proof of coverage via the online waiver process.
  • Once purchased, the plan may only be canceled if the student enrolls in the armed forces or any mandated regulation that allows for a cancelation.
  • Each fall semester (or the semester of entry to WPI), you will be required to provide proof of coverage and complete an online waiver.



To access the electronic health insurance waiver/enrollment form, click here WPI waiver/enrollment site. A selection to waive or purchase must be made or you will be enrolled automatically and will not have the option to waive.

Important: Graduate students less than 7 credits will not be permitted to enroll in the insurance until August. Any student 7 or more credits, will be charged on their student account and must waive or purchase the insurance.